Went to a new Rhemuatologist in Catonsville MD

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nightngale, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. nightngale

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    I finally got my appt. I had to drive so far and didn't sleep good, but it went pretty good. I went to someone referred from the Washingtom DC metro support post, a Dr. Moriority. He was running behind, and that helped me calm down and fill out the papers.

    I had just been dx with dry eye this week, so I did ask about Sjogren's, as I am always pushing to get to the bottom of this whole mess and make sure its not just fibro or cfs. I heard him talking about fibro to another patient so he seems to know his stuff. He is going to run a bunch of blood work, including "random corisol". Anyone know what that is? I had mentioned adrenal fatigue.

    He did mention trying cymbalta again. Yuck, that's the main problem I have is med sensativities, and I have already been on that. Does seem very proactive and said we will get to bottom of this. AM staying on the tramadol. He prescribed an Nsaid but I will not be able to take that either. Glad to have made some progress!
  2. ThinkPostive

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    He sounds pretty good to me, May I ask how long it took to get the appointment?

  3. nightngale

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    Oh I just noticed your question! Actually wasn't too long...I got the referral Jan 11 and the appt Feb. 1. 3 weeks, am going back Feb. 22. Do you live in the area? Will keep everyone informed. I just called my prievious HMO from like 1988 and am requesting records form 1994 when the mess began, to be sent to me....I know it will cost.

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  4. fibroleo

    fibroleo New Member

    Is dry eye related to fibro?

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