Went to dentist yesterday not doing so well today

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Apr 4, 2012.

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    I went to my dentist yesterday to have a crown buildup done. I informed the dentist that when I am given an injection to numb me up I feel each little drop of the medication. So he grabbed my cheek and pulled it back and forth really firmly, I still felt the injection and the wiggleing of my cheek hurt as well. Today I have bruise's from where the dentist held on to my cheek and wiggeled it back and forth. It is so tender to the touch and my gums really hurt.

    I had the worst headache last night after the work was done. But today I felt like I had been run over by a mack truck. I don't like going to the dentist more than most people do, I was a dental assistant for almost 20 yrs so I know every move the dentist makes, I know what they are doing and when I close my eye's I can see it in my head like a movie. Needless to say I was really nervous about this appointment and was not looking forward to it.

    I did't get a chance to tell the dentist that I have fibro, and oeteo-arthritis, and other chronic pain problems, When I was laid back in the dental chair my head was hyper-exended and it really was quite painful, the assistant had placed a rolled up towel under my head but it really didn't help me at all.
    By the time the appointment was over with my neck was so stiff that I could hardly move it. My back, hips and legs all ached all over. I am paying for that visit still. I don't know if the pain I am feeling now is from being so tense , {even though I was given the nitrous oxide} I had them take it off early as the tubing was also pulling my head back more.

    The tooth he worked on is fine the only pain is from where the injection site was. But my face and head and body all feel achey and not good. I have been so fatiqued all day long, I just wanted to sleep. I could have cried from the pain from this "flare" caused by the dentist visit.

    He is a good dentist but so young and like most dentists he was always in a hurry as he as working on two patients at the same time. He numbed me up and left to do an exam on another patient. When he came back and finished numbing me up again he went on to another patient. Since I don't have any dental insurance I had saved up part of the fee for the crown buildup.
    Thankfully he didn't charge me for the nitrous oxide as it is $10.00 per unit
    { unit being every15 minutes that I am on it.}

    I now have a few months to finish paying the bill off. That should give my body time to heal and recoup from the dental visit. I need lots of work done as I have had several teeth break.

    The one I am dreading is going to be a surgical extraction as the tooth broke off right at the gumline and it is going to be hard to extract. NOT looking forward to that trip.

    I keep leaning my head on my hand and it hurts to touch my cheek, must stop doing that. Well one down only 15 more to go.

    I have not read up on fibro and flares and stress in a while so I am asking a dumb question Is it normal to flare after a stresfull event like a dental visit? I was so nervous that I could feel a panic attack comming on but thankfully it was very mild and that was due to the nitrous oxide I think? I am so fatiqued that my body feels heavy and exhausted and that is a poor discritpion of how I feel tonight.

    I am not looking forward to the extraction visit at all. In fact if I could postone it for a long time I would. But I have learned that when you have had a root canal and the tooth breaks it exposes the gutta purcha that has been sealed in a sterile envirovment inside the tooth so when it is left open to the bacteria in your mouth it can cause some problems , sadly I can't remember them right now. So I really need to have it pulled on the next visit and then the next one after that I need another crown buildup done on a molar as it too has exposed gutta purcha.

    Too bad I didn't win the lottery. But to do that I would have had to buy a ticket.
    Well I am going to try and get some sleep. Thanks for letting me complain.
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    Thanks for your thoughts and support. I feel so tired today. I hate this feeling and I wish that I could recover faster from flares but apparently that is not possiable for me.

    I did go to my daughters in Harrisville UT. It is about an hours drive from where I live , IT was a nice drive and I took my sweet time getting there and then I got to play with my grandson for a couple of hours and I loved it.

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    sorry your dentist isn't senstive to your needs. Next time you go I would tell him you want to tell him a few things that need to be updated in your file.

    My dentist is awesome--he knows about Fibro because his wife has it too, so he is understands things.

    My dentist works on other patients too, but he does take the time to listen and explain things.
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    I really hate telling every doctor , dentist , eye doctor I see that I have fibro, DDD, mps and on and on. And then add that I should tell them what meds I am on , why? So I can get that look they all give me "YOU TAKE WHAT!!!!!! AND HOW MUCH ? I feel like I am commiting a crime with that loook . All I am doing is trying to live a some what pain eased life, I take my meds just like they are written on the scripts, no more and some times less.

    It does not matter who I see when I have to tell them that I am on mscontin and hydromophone I get this look like call the cops we have a druggie here, dont' give her any thing for pain she takes enough . I do have one questoin are my pain meds meant to ease all types of pain, even surgery , I need a tooth pulled and it will be a surgical procedeure, so is my mscontin 60 mg going to cover that added pain and flare that will follow? I will ask my dentist that questoin too .

    I have been to enough doctors in my life time to know what they are going to say when I tell them what meds I am taking. Heck even when I was going to my OBGYN a doctor who I trusted and I was taking tylenol #3's nothing stronger, I saw the other doctor in the practice who informed me that I was addicted to the T3's.
    He was the doctor who when I applied for workers compensation made that comment to some one who called about my case and as my md was out of town and I had seen this doctor over the years. { My mom worked for him for 26 yrs and he was the first obgyn I ever saw and I changed doctors after he got a new doc in the practice. for very personal reasons} the call was about me getting a refund for my pain meds for an injury but due to his telling them that I was addicted to pain meds I didn't get the refund.

    So I am shy about telling doctors about what is wrong with me and what meds I take.

    I know that for my own health I need to share that info but I can't stand the looks I get when I do. Thanks for your thoughts

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