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    I had a Doc appt on Friday. Thanks to all of the info provided on this site I went in with the "Big Guns"!! LOL

    I provided him with endless printouts from this site and other info provided by posters!! I actually received a postive response from him, for once he actually listened to me instead of poking around on me and charging me $250.00.

    While finally getting listened to and at least a start of treatment from him, I was a little dissappointed to find he is totally against Supppliments. He states to stay away from them since they are not approved by the FDA. He states supps are very dangerous and case in point Ephedra. He states all suppliments should be tested and approved by the FDA before using them.

    I would like to know what everyone thinks about this, since a huge majority of the people on this site seem to be firm believers in these.

    I would also like to know if,(since my doc is not going to approve of me taking these)you recommend trying these on my own? I know certain meds cannot/should not be taken together, but other than that would it be advisable to take these w/out dr approval??


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    hey scooby,

    go you for taking the initiative and going in there armed with information.

    The whole supplement thing can be really confusing. Some can be dangerous, and some can really help you. Right now Im taking olive leaf extract. Its supposed to be an anti-viral, anti-yeast, anti-fungal, and alleviate allergic responses. sounds too good to be true, but I've been taking it for three or four days now and my sinus headaches are gone and I am happier with more energy. not cured of cfs, but alot better.

    I have tried these on my own. first years ago recommended by a naturopath, and now on my own due to recommendations from people here. but I should mention, that I also took myself of some of the supplements she recommended after more research. when it comes to supplements and other medications-you should find a doc who is not against all supplements just because and who will work with you on it

    I think the reasons supplements aren't approved by the FDA is that you can't patent a natural substance, and if you can't patent it, than you can't make money from it. of course all supplements have their own combinations of things with varying strengths and so forth.

    You should be careful, I am still very wary of what I take and do my homework first. and if you seem something that you want to try, in addition to doing your own research, you could always make a post asking what people's experiences have been.

    I totally understand, I have been so confused by the whole supplement/modern medecine arena!!

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    I would suggest a new doctor. If your treatment regime has prescription meds, and you want to add herbs and supplements try a D.O. They are knowledgeable, in all areas conventional prescription meds, supps, vitamins, herbs, and alternative methods, and can avoid tragic mistakes we can make alone.

    One problem in taking meds, and then adding herbs or supps is there is very little info available out there to let you know of contra-indications.

    Just recently on the board someone was asking about olive leaf extract. It took me hours and hours of searching due to lack of info---to tell her it was contradicted as the patient was also on blood thinners. It is contraindicated for those on high blood pressure meds, and diabetic meds.

    There are also herbs like St. Johns Wort, that someone was taking with a drug that affects serotonin. A very good way to injure yourself and serotin syndrome can be fatal.

    Please see a doc, who provides you with the treatment methods you choose, and in a safe manner.

    Best wishes, LL
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    I would feel better if I knew all supplements were regulated so I knew I didnt have to worry about contamination and so on but they arent and none of these companies can afford to go thru the FDA hoops cuz it costs multimillions $$$$$$$. That why drugs cost so much.
    Ask him what he has to offer that WILL help you. If he has no answer then tell him you are going to take a risk-reward approach and see if you are able to get some help with some supplements since you have no where else to turn. Desperate people do desperate things. Magnesium is a supplement and it keeps my pain at a managable place and has helped regulate my blood pressure. When I added the product ZMA my pressure immediately dropped to normal and I am no longer taking blood pressure medication. My gp agrees that long term bp meds has a risk side that could equal the risks of supplements that manage my bp. He knows nothing about supplements but will not argue with my successful treatment of my bp. Now mind you these supplements are common and not anything way out there.