Went to doctor today about Lyme.....

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by kriket, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. kriket

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    Went to see the doctor taoday about the Igenex Lyme Test. He signed for it, but was a bit confused about how the testing worked.

    He asked me if I had been bit by a tick before, and I told him yes, when I was younger, found one in my head attached to my scalp and that it had to be dug out.

    Told him that I had been doing research on it and that it had a lot of the same symptoms of fibro. He seemed very hesitant to agree with me on that subject.

    Then, he asked me where I had been bit,(like what area of the country) I told him, East Texas, and he told me that ticks here don't normally carry Lyme.

    He told me most tests would prove a false negative most of the time. I told him about this Igenex test, and that it was supposed to be the best and how much it cost.

    Anyway, to make a long story short, he wants to do some blood work on me to test me for arthritis and some other things and says if my blood counts turn out normal then I probably do not have Lyme. I don't really buy it totally. I do need to have some blood work done, for some other things anyway.

    He also asked me about the rash thing after getting bit, and I told him I did not have that rash, but I also researched and found out that a lot of people do not get the red bulls eye rash.

    So, what do you guys think, what is your opinion? He went ahead and signed the test, but did not think I really needed to have it done.

    I am suspicious about the doctor thing of doctors not wanting to treat it, therefore he is trying to avoid me having the test, afraid that I will have it, if that makes since.


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    I was raised in S.E. Oklahoma and was bit by ticks ofen while growing up but did not become ill till I was 33. Lyme can be a slow growing issue and you body can fight it off for so long and then finally it loses the battle.

    Yes there are tons of people with Lyme in Texas. I think your doctor doesn't know how to treat lyme and doesn't want to go there. Especially in the State of Texas they are cracking down on lyme docs. I live in Austin and our best LL NPRN had to leave to San Francisco to continue her practice.

    Insist on having the test done. You need to get to the bottom to what is making you so ill. If you do a search on Fm and lyme you will find many articles on lyme being teh cause of FM.
  3. kriket

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    Thank you so much for responding to my question!!!!

    Well the doctor went ahead and signed it, so that's all I needed from him, it's really up to me if I want to go ahead and have the test done. I think I will go ahead, but it may take a little while as I don't have the extra money right now.

  4. grace4u

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    Kricket what dr. did you say you used? I am from Tyler and am tired of going to Dallas. Good luck on your lyme-quest. How much is the test??? Hugs grace
  5. grace54

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    It seems many DR's minimise Lyme. I had two tests done this spring. You are apt to get false positives from my research. The tests are around $200 and medicare pays for them if one has it. I would get a copy of the results and post them so we can check it out.Good luck:)
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    I'm trying to find a LLMD near Austin for Lyme testing. The closest I've found so far is a Dr. in Dallas. Is there currently a LLMD in Austin?

    (I had the bullseye rash in NC 16 years ago but doctor then brushed it off as an allergic reaction, started having unexplained symptoms a year after, and have been diagnosed with FM for 5 years. Only recently read about FM/Lyme connection and saw a photo of "my" rash online).

    Any help you can give regarding local Austin doc would be appreciated.

    Best wishes,
  7. mollystwin

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    It's such a disgrace that you clearly had a bullseye rash and the doctor didn't recognize what it was!! You have been suffering needlessly for all these years! To me that is just appalling. I wonder how many others like us are out there.

    It;s difficult to find an LLMD locally. I'm lucky in that my dr is only 20 miles away, but many drive hundreds of miles and out of state to see a LLMD.

    Take care,