went to dr for fingers swelling at joints

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  1. hensue

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    One index finger people thought i had broken it. He said there is something going on here. He said have you done this before i said yes off and on and thought it was part of fibro.
    He said no this is not! He did xrays of both hands and wrist.
    I told him i went to open something last week and my thumb down at the joint at the bottom, it hurt so bad i cried for i while. so he could see where two or 3 have swollen and now it just stays almost the same.
    He also did bloodwork and he wanted me to take advil and aleve I told him i cannot take advil it makes me swell and my kidneys kill me.
    So he is going to call and also send me to rhuemy!
    Well people all this time i thought it was fibro i feel yuk
    today too!
    Any ideas let me know and no i do not have a rash
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    I hear you about your fingers swelling and killing you.

    Mine are the same way and typing some days is just not possible.

    I was diagnosed with RA before my sed rate was high and I wasn't sure the rheumy was right but my fingers and hands were killing me. He did xrays and it showed damage.

    Have you been tested for RA?

    Just a thought.

  3. CatLady43

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    I have Psoriatic Arthritis and my fingers swell, especially at the tips, but fingers will swell between the joints, the rheumy calls it "sausage fingers". There is no test for this type of arthritis, it is pretty much diagnosed by ruling out other forms, also by checking sed rate. Symptoms are similar to RA. When you see a rheumy, ask about this, it took a long time to get a diagnosis because so many doctors aren't familiar with it. Good Luck.
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  4. hensue

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    He has not got all the results back yet. this is blood work and x-rays. The right is the one that was swelling so bad and hurting. He thinks it is just Osteo arthritis. The left hand i have a fracture at the bottom of my thumb almost to your wrist. So i go to see the orthopedic doc thursday. The Rheumy i do not see him till feb. so that is all i know. He goes you cant tell it is broken i said i was trying open soup with a pop top and felt like it was hyper extended and that is when i did go to the floor and it finally quit hurting. I broke my ribs before and did not know it. How do you explain that you hurt so bad that you dont even know the difference. Is it fibro probably that is what i always think. So thank God i do not want RA or lupus. So far so good on that. Dont know why this bone is broken and i guess i have to figure what to do about the Osteo arthrits. It is better today still hurts right hand everyday the swelling goes down just a little.
    That is all i know for now
    so i will keep you updated.
    Do all of you understand that when something hurts really bad i cant tell the difference is it fibro or what? They all seem to think i should be able to but when you are pain. You cant always tell what is going on i cant.

    Does that make any sense, i am sure the ortho guy is gonna ask me the same question. I am just gonna tell him i am stupid.
    I dont they understand anyway.
    What would you say?
    Believe me all i take is one ultram in the morning and darvocet some time and it really doesnt help and wellbutrin sr. So it is not like i am doped up.
    I did not have any darvocet in me then either.
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    I know the pain you are in and understand how you feel. I've been going threw the same thing with my Dr.'s, it is sooo frustrating.They just sit there and just look at you and don't give an answer as to what it is. Or they change the subject. Maybe they don't know and just don't want to admit it.