Went to Dr today confusing test results

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ckball, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hi all

    I did get a tetnis shot for the cat scratch an no infection, just a rainbow of colors from my wrist to the top of my knuckles from the briusing.

    My ACTH was low but cortisol is normal, my red blood cells are too big and I don't have enough, but the hemoglobin is noraml.

    She took me off my lipitor to see if that would help with the fatigue, my cholesttol is perfect.

    She gave me a B-12 shot too, my B6 and folic acid is low too. She said she really can't explain it and I said that was normal for my body,lol. She is a great Dr and I would never give her up. But I have so many things going on, it is hard to pinpoint any one thing that is the cause of my fatigue.

    Since my blood sugars have been in the 90's for almost 2 weeks, even when I have been bad it only went to 120. So I ate some white choclate M & M's. Not the small size they don't make those the white chocalate.

    I had about 3 servings, who decides that crap anyway,lol in about 2 hours and my blood sugar went to 206. I went for a walk and it came down to 156 in an hour. Why does my pancreas work part time?

    I think that covers it all, we are still waiting for the Werstern Blot. Has anyone had conflicting tests like these?

    Thanks for any input-Carla
  2. berley

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    Hi, I never seen your post about your tests before today? I guess my question is what are they testing you for?? Do you have problems with your sugar? Respond back please!!!!!!

  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hi- I get blood work every 3 months because of thyroid and a blood disorder called hemochromotosis. This month things changed from last visit.

    I am also being tested for Lyme since I was biten multiple times by ticks this spring. I have had CFS/FM for about 10 years but dxs 4 years ago.

    I am a borderline diabeteic/hypoglycemic- Carla
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  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    No one else? I lost my phone line 12 hours today, I thought I was going to go thru DT's or something because I could get on line,lol
  5. Thistledown

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    Hemochromatosis is a condition where a person's body is especially good at absorbing and storing iron. When iron levels get too high, Iron Toxicity can occur. The body fights this by making more Red Blood Cells which have iron in them (hemoglobin). High levels of RBCs in the blood can cause head and body aches, and fatigue. The standard treatment is to draw off some blood periodically (either in a syringe or in a blood doantion bag) so the body can continue to use up the excess iron. B12 and folic acid are needed to make RBCs and these can become depleted in a person with hemochromatosis. A sign of B12 deficiency is mgealoblastic anemia (having a low number of really big RBCs). If the body doesn't have enough B12 of folic acid to make RBCs, then the iron levels can become toxic.

    Iron toxicity can cause damage to the pancreas, leading to diabetes. Because you had a low B12 level, you couldn't make enough RBCs to lower your iron levels, and the iron may have caused some pancreatic damage, hence the elevated blood sugar...got it??? More B12/folate = make more RBCs, bring down iron, give pancreas a rest.
  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thank you for explaining that for me. She gave me a scrip for folic acid plus the b-6. I am feeling better today, blood sugar back to normal.

    I have a appt with the hemo Dr in 2 weeks, my iron levels have been stable for the last six months only creeping up a few points each 3 month period.

    Thanks again, Carla

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