Went to Dr today, got a answer but not what I wanted

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by ckball, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. ckball

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    Even tho I tested neg for Lyme, she stil will treat me for it with Kevflex (sp)? for 21 days.

    Diabetes runs in my family so I test myself from time to time and guess what - fasting sugar at Dr office 160. My machine said 122. My strips expire this month, so that is the problem.

    I get to do the glucose tolerance test again (3rd time in my life) I always fail, then go on meds and bottom out, go off meds back to normal. More hypoglycemic than diabetes.

    Because of my shortness of breath and unable to walk as far as I was 6 months ago without muscle pain and chest pain, I get a stress test.

    Then I get a new Dr, I have to see a infection disease specialists.

    I love my GP she is very througho and doesn't take any chances. She agreed about the Lyme test being neg and we are doing a different one.

  2. jarjar

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    You can order a Igenex Western Blot kit off their web site for the IgG and IgM and take it to your Dr. and have her sign to have blood drawn at lab. You don't have to pay till you send blood work to lab.
    Something to think about.

  3. ckball

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    I am having another test on june 27. How long does it take to get the test back from them. i appreciate all of your help- Carla
  4. jarjar

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    You got me on that one. On their web site they have a toll free number for questions. Maybe others would know on the board.

    As far as time my took about 10 working days but I have heard others say it took almost 4 weeks.

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  5. victoria

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    I'm not sure. Your doctor's office should actually be able to tell you this, or the Lab where you have your blood drawn - or even iGenex itself.

    hope this helps,

  6. hopeful4

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    Hi ckball,
    One of the good things about Medicare is that they will cover a LOT of the lab work. I had my Igenex Western Blot done at a Quest Lab. They took my Medicare card, and supplemental. I did NOT have to pay up front for the test. Quest billed Medicare. Medicare covered the cost, at their contracted rate, and I did not have to pay for anything. BTW, I tested positive.

    I go to the FFC. So far, Medicare has covered the cost of all my labs, and I have not had to pay anything. They pay at their allowable rate, which is considerably lower than the charge, but I have not had to pay at all.

    When I hear your story I do have some concerns. 21 days of treatment is not enough, esp. if you have had lyme for a long time and it has gone untreated. I have no idea what Kevflex is, but no medication will rid you of Lyme in 21 days. You must also be tested and treated for coinfections.

    Seeing an infectious disease doctor may not help either. What you need, what would be the most helpful to you, is to find an LLMD (lyme literate medical doctor).

    Treating lyme disease, esp. late lyme, is very complex and requires a thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced doctor. Please go to lymenet dot org where you can find people who will suggest some LLMDs for you. Click on Flash Discussion, then click on Seeking a Doctor.

    Please also read: Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Guidelines for Lyme and Other Tick Borne Illnesses by Joseph J. Burrascano Jr, MD:
    September, 2005

    Take care,
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    to read more later. No LLMD Dr with in 250-300 miles from me. I didn't know I could only do 3 searchs, I don't always read the small stuff and just click,lol.

    I trust my Dr as far as what she does, if it is not her specialty, she will find me the best. She saved my life 3 years ago, also my mothers on more than one occassion.

    I feel I have waited to long. I was bit last year more than once but my life was involved in emptying my mothers estate. She collected for 60 years and never threw anything away. It took me nearly 6 months then hired a auction company for what my daughter and I didn't want,

    I had a few months to rest and try to recoup thru the holidays until Feb when my mothers vacante house for sale broke a water line in the attic, flooded the basemant. Stress again, got it fixed and it sold, yeah!

    Did some remoldeling on my house, I have a real fixer upper, but love it. Stress again. But i have been resting much more than working lately. If i get one or two good days a week that is a good week.

    This board has been my sanity the last few weeks. I haven't read so much , well I can't remember. Anyway, I rambled on here, they need a TLC Life Award for no posting to websites after taking night meds!,LOL. I do not drink so the wine and email is not for me.

    I need to change my profile but I have been to sick, I basically read and reread, don't always remember- bad brain fog.

    I am sorry there are so many of you here because that means your life plan was altered by something they can't cure. But at least we are in it together. Prayers and wishes for all. Carla