Went To Endocronologist

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    I do not know if I posted this or not. Memory, hmph!

    Went to an endocronologist on Tuesday. They are very thorough with the forms they have you fill out. Pages of information. Plus, when the Dr. came into the office he listened to what I had to say.

    He ruled out an insulinoma (small cyst or tumor on pancreas) as the blood sugar issue (dropping to mid 60;s) only happens after I eat, not in the morning after an all night fast.

    He has ordered a battery of blood tests from 5 hour glucose to cortisol to thyroid to some I never even heard of.

    My regular PCP will be doing these tests incase I pass out from the glucose test, I will be in the medical building attached to the hospital. Also I feel more secure with my PCP instead of some strange lab.

    I will keep you up to date as to what is going on.

    Taking my neurontin 300 every night and it seems to be helping the pain issue and hot flashes.

    I have also noticed my appetite is lessening. Hmm!!!

    God Bless,


    And good luck with all of those test!


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