Went to ER today and never got seen

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  1. Starla

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    I woke up with a bad headache, the cluster kind. I went straight to hospital because I hurt so bad all over and had the bad headache. They took my name and told me to wait, after seven hours I went back home. They said ambulances and heart patients take first priority and ambulances were coming in one after the other.

    I need a quiet, dark place to rest and lie down with a headache. they only had chairs in the waiting area and they had 2 televisions on, football and cartoons!!! The noise level was sure to make my head explode. The front desk lady was so unkind. She told me there was no other place for me to go and if I went down the hall to get away from the noise, that I would not hear her call my name.

    I ask for 2 blankets and a pillow so I could at least lay on the floor. I could not sit up !! She never got me any.

    My friend found a room with a sofa in it. She put me down and went and waited out front for me and told me she would come and get me when they called me. But, they never did.

    It was awful. I have a doctors appt tomorrow that was already set, so that was good.

    What do you do for migraines, cluster headaches? What do you take? I try heat, ice, massage, ibuprofen, lying down in a dark room, totally quiet and try to sleep. But even all that some times, it still is so bad I wish I had a handgun to shoot my brains out. Really. I'm glad I never found one! At the moment you just can't see a way out.

    I love you all,
  2. jeanderek

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    I hate going to the ER. I called my doctor once when I had a headache for over 3 days. I called his office on a Monday and called everyday up to Thursday well Friday after the headache was gone they decide to call something in and come to find out all it was is caffine and tylenol, give me abreak. I havent found anything that works to great. I take goodie poweders sometimes and they are the only thing that will even take the edge off of it and I know its bad on your stomach to take them but sometimes I just have to do something. I hope your doc visit goes well tomorrow and i hope you find some relief.

  3. popgun

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    I have had FMS for 25 + yrs I use to have sereve headaches when I was on the road and my FMS was ajatated day after day, I now get them for 4 or 5 days at a time. They felt like someone had a stick behind one eyeball and was trying to push the eye out of the socket, I would feel the pain from the back of my neck to the eye and only on one side. My mouth would water and it would make me sick to my stomach.The only thing that would phase it was regular Excidrin. I would take 3 at a time, when I told my Dr. it was the only thing that would work he said everybody is different and it could be that Excidren also contains caffeine and it has some pain killing effect. It does not help on any of my other FMS pain, ya never know, it sounds so simple that an over the counter drugs work.
  4. Tattoopixie

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    Am sorry you had to go through that! I had to take my son to the ER last week & we waited for 6hrs before we were done- the only reason the wait was so 'short' was that my mom had been to the ER the night before & waited 8hrs & I made sure I did not go to the same hospital that she did, but an out-of-the-way one! By the way, she has emphysema & she couldn't breathe & had to wait that long! & she is in her 70's! Lucky she did not die in their waiting room!

    But I digress...Wanted to say that I had a killer headache for about a month straight 2yrs ago & I still get it off & on, but it only lasts 1 day any more- not because of my taking any meds for it- that's just how it is now. Back when it was bad they wound up giving me demerol for it. They did a CT scan but never figured out what it was- felt like I had a spike driven through the top of my head & the whole right side of my head & face & neck hurts with it. Hope you are feeling better now!
  5. Bambi

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    daughter would get horrendous migraines. When my mother died five
    years ago my daughter went to the ER
    near us. After and ENDless wait, they finally shot her full of Morphine, the only thing that ever helped her
    migraines. Maybe your doctor could keep a supply of whatever works for
    yours in you medicine regime for those times. There are several new
    migraine meds out, one you stab a long needle in your thigh..doesn't sound too comfortable but when they
    are ragine one might do anything. If
    he's willing to experiment to find what works for you and then prescribe
    just a small amount of whatever it is, it would be a lifesaver compared to the ER treatment one gets waiting.
  6. Starla

    Starla New Member

    I'll try anything that might work. I do remember that long ago plain aspirin did help better than ibuprofen, so I'll get some for next time to try. I will talk to my Dr. about it today to see if I can get something to have on hand for next time. I think these kind of headaches are the worst type of pain I have experienced. Thank the Lord I have never had one last as long as you have. (months? oh my goodness) What misery. It just incompasitates you and you are just fit for nothing. Although we have such limitations anyway.
  7. Mikie

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    I cut my eye and could not see out of it. I didn't know whether the water coming from it was tears of eye fluid. I was left sitting for hour after hour while ambulances brought in other people.

    There was one extended family in the waiting room who were joking and laughing and talking on their cell phones and the TV was going.

    Finally after three and one-half hours, I determined that I could see and that waiting there where staph probably floats rampantly in the air was not a good idea. I told the woman I was leaving and she didn't even act like she cared. She didn't even ask my name to take me off the list.

    There was a three year old child with such diarrhea that he was filling his diaper every five minutes. IMHO, he was in great danger of becoming dehydrated and probably already was. He was not seen during the time I was there.

    When the hospital sent me a form survey to find out how my experience was in the ER, I let them know exactly how it was. The manager called to apologize to me, but he was the one who was in charge the night I was there. He said they are woefully unable to care for the growing population here.

    Years ago, I went to the ER with a splitting headache. I could not walk and didn't think it possible to live with a headache so bad. They left me slumped in a chair in the waiting room while two men who had been arrested started fighting in the same room. Turned out I had viral meningitis. Had it been bacterial, I could have died and passed it on to others in the area. Bad medicine.

    Now, the rest of the story. The night my Mother had her fatal heart attack, I was very glad that they took her right in from the ambulance, even though her outcome wasn't good. The attack was so massive that all her organs had been damaged. Perhaps if they had called in the cardiologist earlier or if she hadn't had to wait for a 40 year old guy who was taken into the cath lab ahead of her, the outcome may have been different. Did she get the best treatment in the ER? I'll never know. If she had survivied, the doc told me she would have been a cardiac cripple and she wouldn't have wanted that.

    They do have to care for the most seriously ill and make some difficult decisions when facilites are inadequate to care for all who seek ER treatment. It sadly another facet of our health care crisis.

    Love, Mikie
  8. charisma1973

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    I have suffered with migranes since 1st grade, and over the last couple of years they have upgraded to clusters.. When I get them I can't lie down, sit down-it is just constant movement. Thank God I live in a very small town so ER isn't that bad-They will give me anywere from 2-4 shots. Phenegran (even when not nauseated-for sleep) Toradol, Xanax or other stuff.....I can go for a while without one, but then I go months having them everyday.....Maybe the dr. can prescribe you some stuff to have at home so you can skip the ER from now on....

    Sorry I can't help

  9. beckster

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    so if the ER stuff. Sometimes urgent care is better than ER IF there is one near you and IF it is open. I've had severe headaches/migraines for many, many years and can tell you what works for me. Hopefully you will get a doc you can work with ( in general they don't seem to like pain patients) and will find either herbs or meds to help so you don't need so many ER visits. The best things I found after trying many many things is: a combination of fiorinal and flexaril (neither one alone works for me, although a couple friends of mine can get by with just the fiorinal), and when that doesn't work I have to throw in a half of a neurontin (if daytime, makes me woozy in the day) or a full neurontin at night. Also it is very important to get good, regular sleep. Do you get good sleep? But different people find different things and different combinations work or don't work for them, so there is a lot of trial and error.

    I don't know much about cluster; don't have them.

    Another thing. Do you know those egg-crate type foam pads?
    I always keep one rolled up in the car with a blanket rolled up in it so if I'm am somewhere and need to lie down and "get dark" I can do it almost anywhere, including the ER waiting room. You can get one that is just a foot or two wide and as long as you are tall, so when rolled up it isn't so bulky. If you can't find one that size, get a bigger one and cut it to size. This has been a life saver for me many, many times. I also keep my migraine meds in the house, and a few in the car, and in my purse .

    Before I got my precription protocol,(before I found a
    helpful pain doctor), I found the best over-the-counter help was a combination of things like percogesic and advil
    (percogesic has a mild muscle relaxant in it, which flexaril is). It is also quite well known that when you get a really bad migraine, besides pain med, you need to sleep to get rid of it.

    Hope you get some help soon. I remember when I was going through that pphase of not having much help/meds, the ER thing was awful, and usually all the waiting and lights etc
    just made it worse.

    Oddly enough, things like codeine or darvocet or percocet did not work. So, it really is trial and error.

    Keep us informed how it is going.

  10. Maxine_CR

    Maxine_CR New Member

    ... but I relate!

    I have had in the past six months migraines that were so bad that I was weeping and (sorry but) vomiting. They were staying with me for days at a time.

    Talk to your doctor about a low dosage -- 250 mgs. -- depakote (aka valproic acid). It has worked perfectly for me.


  11. Starla

    Starla New Member

    I have made some notes and will try some of these things. Loved the bedroll in the car f/emergencies idea.
    Thanks everyone and God bless you all.
  12. TKE

    TKE New Member

    ....I used to get migraines all the time, as did my brother. I called my doc one day after a 4 day migrane would not go away. The rx consisted of 6 pills that cost me $100.00!! Directions said take one every 2 hours until migraine is gone. It took 3 pills to get rid of it. No way could I afford that, so I got on the net & did some research. I found a herb called "Feverfew". I get it at Wal-Mart in cap form. I started with 3 caps a day for 1 month. Then I backed it down to 1 cap a day. I still get some minor tension & PMS headaches, but haven't had a migraine in a long time.

    I told my brother about the "Feverfew" & he started taking it. He recently told me he no longer gets migraines either. He used to get migraines daily & took hands full of over the counter meds everyday to deal with them.

    You might consider trying Feverfew & see if it helps you. It does take a few/plus weeks to get into your system, before you suddenly notice it,your headaches are getting less & less.

  13. LynneH

    LynneH New Member

    Starla, I suffered from cluster headaches for years. They are more predominant in men for some reason, but women do get them too. They are nicknamed the "suicide headache."
    When I had them, I had to have absolute quiet and darkness also. Quite by accident, I found something that seemed to help. Believe it or not, it was Dimetapp. I would take one, go to bed...get drowsy and sleep. When I woke up, the headache would be gone...until the next one. The reason they are called cluster is because they come in clusters. I used to get them every day for a few weeks and then not have them for a few months. Remember there are triggers....caffeine, alcohol, etc. I have not had one for about four years...knock on wood.
    Good luck.
  14. wolflake46

    wolflake46 New Member

    I have suffered from bad migrain headaches for years the first one I got was whenI was pregnant with my daughter 18 years ago. I now am on 250 mil. of Topomax a day and take Imitrex injectables when I do get a bad one. I have had to go to ER before when I don't catch the migrain in time and my shots don't take effect, which isn't that often thank god. If you've never suffered from one before, people who don't have then don't understand how painful they are.

  15. Starla

    Starla New Member

    Nobody knows how we suffer, except our friends who have been there before us, (or, with us).

    Praise God, at least someone understands!!!!

    I wish every DR had to experience what his/her patient is going through in order to be sympathic.

    Love you all.
  16. teawah

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    Have you ever considered trying Imitrex? It is specifically for migraines. It comes in tablet form or injection. You give it to yourself in the muscle. It comes with a neat little spring loaded contraption. Makes it easier. Just shoot it into your leg.

    I used to suffer from blinding migraines for years and imitrex was my savior. It is made of the same chemical components ? that give you the migraine so what it does is (for a minute or two) makes the mg worse and then it magically disappears. I would give myself the shot and get on the bad on hands and knees or in the fetal position and hold on to my a**. It feels like you are going to die for a few, (very few) and then Blessed Relief. Really, the intense pain is worth it as it only lasts but a moment. It was a lifesaver for me.

    I know that mg's are horrible, wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. I hope you get something to help you so you don't EVER have to go through that kind of MIStreatment again. I know about that too, been there. If I would have had a gun, I would have..............

    Good Luck, love teawah
  17. dianep

    dianep New Member

    I know what you mean about waiting in the er...I live in a small community where they have to call the doctor in before they can help but one doctor and I found a solution. He wrote out a standing rx for 60mgs of toradol that I keep with me at all times and he even gave my mother one too for me just incase I forget to have mine with me, lord knows how much pain we're in and we are definately not in our right mind during that time. Maybe you could ask your primary if he/she would do that for you.