went to my chronic fatigue appt yesterday

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    the dr. is working for mr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.
    he has put me on his regerment, and last night for the first time i got a good 6 1/2 hours of sleep, come pare to the 3-4 hrs., i slept straight till after six this morning,
    i have been trying to fall asleep from going on 12am, i have to buy two of the regerment to make it complete, will do that today, after my 1000.00 appt, that i have started with this other dr in the ending of august, i have to go get my result and fark up 250.00 for my result and any medication that he will piut me onfor my digestion track.

    my chronic fatigue appt is covered by my insurance so that is great news, i have to see him on 9/10 after blood work. so far it seems like hes just helping and following the guideline of this man prodocal, but if its going to help me , who am i to complain. hope i see some kind of improvement where i can be back in the gym, and back to 75 percent like i use to be. last year, and the yea before, etc. i do have chronic fatigue, i was on kuterpressing, glumma gloubin, and others, in the eariler years,they help me a great deal, thisyear is the worth for me so far, no improvement, cant go no where for to long. well i have to go the the 1000.00 dr. talk later
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    I'm really glad to hear you slept better. That is huge.

    Yeah, it can be expensive seeing these doctors. I've never had a $1,000 appointment. It is fantastic that your chronic fatigue appointment is covered by insurance.

    Keep us posted and let us know if that doctor helps you -

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    Hey, some good news from you - that's great!! I really hope that you continue to find him helpful, and it is awesome that your insurance covers this.
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    WHAT A GREAT MAN HE IS AFTER COMPLAINING TO HIM HOW i only have my 250.00 for my second visit for my result of my heilderberg test, that is where he put a machine on your stomach for about 1 hour, and it read if your stomach is producing enough acid, will my stomach acid was down and he gave me two of his in herbs, which was 35.00 and 38.00, this nice man went out to his resecptionist and told her, NOT TO CHARGE ME FOR THE 250.00 OF MY SECOND VISIT, all i have to do was pay for the two pills, and the other two pills that he had me on before, because, i was done to a few..............i love theis man, he dresses very poorly, you would not think for one second he has money, i was told at one time, wealthy people dress loke that, by brother in law that own many building dresses like that sao noone will assume he has anything. i got exactly what the dr, was pratraing........ha his name is dr ash., im not trying to gave him any plug, im black andhe's white.
    here's his site http://ashcenter.com/index.php