went to my ssd hearing yestersday

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    I went into my hearing with alot more confidence thanks to you all and your suggestions-which I used. I was extremely nervous all week and that increased my pain all week- so up at 4 am -I took .5 mg of my clonapin and 3 instead of 2 of my 100 mgs of neurontin. I had met with my attorny earlier in the week and told him I wanted everything in the dr's files to be transcribed and typed which a nurse did. Then I told him that I need to be consise, so we role played. He also asked me to lie about going to Sunday worship because they used thatas part of my denial of benefits the first time.I told him I positively would not, but would say my husband drives me there and I can't go as often as I wish. I had the same mean judge as last time, but she was being monitored by the state and so she was extremely nice and gentle! When asked that 1st question -why can you not work- I replyed (thinking of severity, duration, and frequency) that I have not worked in the past three years because I spend my days coping with my extreme pain, chronic anxiety and overwhelming depression. I said I stay in the house for days, because I can barely function because of my severe fatigue. I said my medicines that help some what with my conditions also add to my forgetfulness and confustion. Then she said- so I can see that is why you couldn't continue with your last job-How do you think you got along with people at your last job? I said I think fine, but my patients problems made me stressed and anxious and so she wanted specific examples of my anxiety, confusion, ect. on the job and in life. I told her that after one patient came on to me at work- I was so nervous I had to go home. I told her about how I jumped when the office phone rang, how I cried when the dr. yelled at a patient and insulted her. I told her I went down from 3 to 2 to 1 day a week and then fell on my lunch hour 2 times downtown ,sprained my ankle and it wouldn't heal so I never came back. I gave her specific examples of my brain fog and dizziness like how I keep losing the shopping carts at the grocery store and thought people were stealing them, how I put items in 3 different carts. I told her how I got out of the car( I only drive locally)turned it off, locked it with dog inside, had the car in neutral accidently- went in store, quickly came out and there was my car drifing down mainstreet- it went almost the whole block before I could unlock it and get in it! Miracle- no traffic -none- but my dog flew off the back seat. The interview lasted at least 40 minutes and within 10 minutes I asked to stand and lean on the judges bench- she was fine with that- so all in all it went fine- and it was funny -at the beginning when asked I stated my age 44. AFter my lawyers questions to me, the judge says counselor wasn't the claimant hospitalized in 99 for a panic attack? I had forgot about that- he said yes you are right and then she said isn't the claimant 46? I looked puzzled at my attorney and he said yes your honor she forgot her correct age. I didn't do it deliberately, but my attorney said he let me go with the false info right up to the end to see if the judge would catch it and if not he would bring it up to show my forgetfulness. Also, following the suggestion here- I dressed respectfully but comfortably- my husband laughed cause I spent 3 hrs trying on clothes that were loose and that I didn't look so good in-I'm thin and everyone thinks I exercise but I dont-I wore
    a royal blue sweater( which makes my skin look sooo pale)and no makeup, a long loose black skirt with my usual flat loafers. I pulled my hair into a very neat updo and left my very small earrings on. I also found an old plain wedding band of mine and wore it only-so I appeared modest, plain and not rich. Oh and I also left my hubby( who wears suits cause he's imbetween clients when he takes me) out of the room. Last time he was there and I lost. So maybe the judge could think I had an unsympathetic poor husband. Anyway I will know in 3 months- and if I don't win-I will go back and back until I do-I think I'm getting good at it-thanks to all your wonderful suggestions on this board.

    sincerly, darlee
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    It sounds like you did a great job! Thanks for all of the useful tips. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I'm hoping to someday be where I can quit and apply. At this time I've just cut my hours back and am trying, at least until I can get some of the dr. bills paid from all of the testing. I was just sitting here trying to figure out hubby's age. It's his birthday today...and we're only 3 months apart in age. Also, I put the wrong year down that hubby and I got married on my daughter's FAFSA(college financial aid paper) and had to go back and correct it. Embarrassing :( Specially since I work in the office and am the one who has to correct it, but the boss sees the reports. It sure helps to know, from reading everyones elses posts, that I'm CFS/FM normal :)