Went to Neurologist this morning

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    Last month when I went to my primary he referred me to a neurologist, to check out my headaches, & my appointment was this morning. I did not know how to ask him if he thought I had FM because of the horror stories I have heard on the board and I did not want him to think I was a nut caseJ First he did a general Q&A session & looked into my eyes (I have a blind spot from my accident in 1998 and he was concerned there may be swelling) and then we just sat down to talk.

    After a few minutes I gained enough courage to tell him that my primary had thought my pain may be FM related. HE AGREED!!!! Wow did he switch my meds around. He asked if my neurontin helped - I told him I did not know since I had been on it for 6 years so he took me off that. He asked about my Lexapro and he put me on Cymbalta instead - he said this is being used now for treatment of FM (I know some of you have been sleepy with this so I will watch for this). He said I could finish the rest of my Ultraset but to switch to Tramadol when that is gone - he said I don’t need the acetaminophen to hurt my liver. He also gave me Topamax for my headaches and it should help my back pain as well.

    One thing that struck me was. . .I know about rebound headaches but I did not know you could get them even with acetaminophen or other over the counter meds. I was under the understanding that these were cased by narcotics and that is not so. I will be watching for that as well. He said to try to “suck it up a bit” and give the Topamax time to work. He did say that if it got too bad to take the pain med.

    I know there are many of you that have a hard time finding a dr but I have had good luck. It seems that my drs are fairly young and are up to date on this condition. . .I consider myself lucky & hope everyone will be as well.

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    Same here, wonderful doctors for me, too. I went on a rampage before I was diagnosed though. But it was well worth the time, money and energy.
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    Most neurologists I've met don't want to deal with FM patients - they consider it a rheumy problem - and they aren't too happy about seeing us either!
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    She was nice too!Great that you are getting adequate medicine.My primary suspected it,then sent me to a neurologist and rheumatologist for confirmation!.Linaf