Went to Pain Clinic today and..........................HELP!!!!!

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  1. lindasue

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    Hi all,
    Well my 1st visit to the "Pain Clinic" today was quite interesting...I won't go into every little detail.. BUT I have to tell you what happened!! Met with a very nice female doc and we went over everything. How long, type of pain, where, meds, doc's, etc. She said that she was going to go and consult with the #1 doctor and "they" would be back in the room to talk with me in just a few minutes. So about 10 maybe 15 minutes later in walks this approx. 6'2", 40ish, GREAT looking, HIGH ENERGY, right to the point doctor. Shook hands and he said he had gone over everything thing and had a program he would like me to start..............bio feedback, accupunture, yoga, physical therapy, etc. Well, I'm looking at him and nodding my head... Then he says..."It is a six week program. Four hours a day. (Now keep in mind..I don't commit to anything at this point in my illness) I never know if I can go or not. And if I do something one day I am usually down for the next 1 or 2 days..
    I ask...."How many days a week"?...he answers.."FIVE".
    I nearly fell off my chair. So I say...."Four hours a day, 5 days a week, for six weeks"?...He looks me right in the eyes and replies...."Yes".
    I had to laugh..And tell this power house of energy that I will...consider...commiting to 2 or 3 days a week to start. I told him that I go out and do 2 or 3 errands and I'm EXHAUSTED and usually in PAIN!!!!!
    I also told him that my self esteem and self worth is at a rather "low" level these days and I will NOT "set" myself up for failure, ie. starting something that overwhelming and not being able to do it....I said it was hard for me to keep doctor's appointments at times...However, I will work toward a program like he is suggesting.
    It was toooooo weird...after that he wrote me a script for Norco...which I have never taken..said to come back in 3 weeks.... And he walked out the door.
    I feel like I'm in limbo at this point..with the Pain Clinic...I'll go back in 3 weeks and see what happens then...I'm really not sure what the outcome was from this 1st appointment...
    Also, has anyone taken Norco...what is it like? I have been taking darvaset....kolonopin..and Zoloft.
    Also, has anyone tried bio feedback..and the other things he wants me to do...AND has ANYONE done a six week program like this one?????? HELP!!!
    Love, hugs, and blessings,
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    Well Lindasue!
    Just went and checked out Norco on the net.It is a combination of hydrocordone and tylenol.Used for moderate to severe pain.Hydrocordone can be addictive and you are not supposed to take it for a long period of time.Please follow docs instructions.If your still not sure about this drug go to (Edited to remove URL).It's on about the 3rd.page of many

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    hi lindasue,

    i've been told about a 'wonderful' clinic like that - i'm on the waiting list. but i'm so scared. it is made for people with chronic pain yes, but not for people with the extreme fatigue that comes with this DD. i truly believe that they don't have a clue just how disabling the fatigue can be - especially when topped off with a great deal of pain. the program i'm waiting for requires a commitment - you can't do half days or only a few days a week. they need you there 6 hours a day, five days a week, for six weeks. yeah right. getting up to go to the loo makes me tired and sore! oh well. good luck to you, i hope they can make allowances for you. hugs.

  4. lindasue

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    Thanks all that have answered so far!
    I really appreciate the VERY informative imput on the meds..(I will be VERY careful). I just took one at 10:45am and I have marked the time down...I'll CLOSELY monotor myself over the next couple of days...I see that it has the same ingredients in it that Vicodin has...I can't take Vicodin because it just makes me too jittery and a little queasy in my stomach. So I might not be able to take this one at all anyway! I should have told the doc about the Vicodin....just didn't think of it.
    As far as the "program".....we'll see. But you are right about the Chronic Fatigue/Fibro....The fatigue is really what prevents me from doing so many things!! So perhaps he, "doc powerhouse"...didn't "HEAR" me regarding the Chronic Fatigue!! I'll check on that one as well.
    Thanks for so much support!
    My love, hugs and blessings to you...
  5. pamela

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    Norco has 10 mg.'s of codiene in it and 325 mg.'s of tylenol in it. I took it once but only one at a time and I definitely needed more. I have a real high tolerance to pain meds and my pain is on a scale at about 8-10 daily with fatigue out the ying yang. I would give this guy a shot but call them back and ask (if your not already on this) if you could try Magnesium w/ malic acid and maybe some B-12?? Get something for energy!!!!! Let them know AGAIN about the fatigue....Let them know AGAIN that you need something for the fatigue. What really bothers me is the way you described him walking out the door. I sensed arrogance or just plain to the point and go away type doctor. Give him a chance and let me tell you if you do try the regime he set up for you and it does not work its NOT YOUR fault!!!!!!!!! People don't really understand about this DD unless they have walked in our shoes. Doctors may be trained to a point but they do not know it all!!! This I know for sure as my dad was a dentist and he had the MOST compassion I ever saw in a doctor. Plus when he got sick w/ colon cancer I met many doctors and some were very understanding and compassionate and others were a pile of s**t. SO, always keep this in mind that people are all different (doctors) and you just have to go until you find the right one. Like I said I would give it a try but in no way should you get discouraged if it does not work out. They should reduce you down and start over if they have any sense or get you on a different program. Lots of Hugs(((((((((((((0)))))))))))))) Pamela
  6. teawah

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    I have taken Norco a couple of times. It is basically Vicodin, ie. hydrocodone but with less tylenol. It generally lasts longer than vicodin. It worked well for me. I wish I could get to a pain clinic too. I would welcome an opportunity to try something new. Best of Luck!!!!

    lol, teawah
  7. lindasue

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    Hi Teawah,
    I took 1 tablet this morning and I have felt awful all day!!
    I have just been waiting for it to wear off! I have been shakey, queasy and feeling "drunk". I hate this feeling!!!!
    So I don't think I'll take it at all any more! I had a few things to do today away from the house and couldn't even go.. Just felt way too spaced out! I can't take Vicodin.(same things happen) but I just didn't think to tell the doc. I would have if he had suggested Vicodin, but I just wasn't even thinking about that.....I was still overwhelmed with the "program" he wants to put me on...
    Anyway, thanks for the imput! VERY much appreciated.
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  8. Lynda B.

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    A few years ago I went to a Pain Management program that was through a neurologist and a hospital out patient program. Little did I know then that they had very little experience with FMS patients. I had to go for three weeks straight and a NINE hour day. It was like boot camp. I fell apart about half way through because I was so exhausted.

    Their thing was mastering you pain. Not through pain meds but through some of the things you mentioned. The one thing that has made a lasting impact is biofeedback. If taught properly, it is a wonderful blessing and gift. They hook several parts of my body up to electrical signals and had me learn how to relax muscles. It was great. For example, I thought my face WAS relaxed by I could see on the moniter in front of me it was not. They taught me how to breath so as to relax my muscles. I could drop my blood pressures in 15 minutes tons and raise my hand temp by 10 points in 15 mins too. Problem is that in the real world I can't lay around and do biofeedback 24/7.

    Anyway, needless to say, about two years later they changed to program for those with FMS. They now go half a day every other day until it adds up to three full weeks.

    I will NEVER again go into a program that does not includes narcotics (the newer extended release ones) again. After that program and seeing that I was still in excruciating pain I was scared and thought that I had no where else to go. I sunk into the deepest, darkest depression I ever had. I was not far away from choosing not to be. I finally went to a pain specialist that my internist hooked me up with after seeing me for about 10 years with this.

    I can only say for me that I needed to be careful who I believed had the answers. I thought the clinic was my last hope and therefore there was nothing left for me. I was wrong. Please seek all alternatives. My heart goes out to you as well as prayers.

    Lynda B.
  9. Lana56

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    I get so mad that pain doctors do not have a clue to how hard it is for us to GO every day.I am sure most of us go one day and NEED to rest the next.Don't they get it-we live with pain and I know for myself if I push it knocks me down.I completely understand your hesitation on the six week program.I know I could not do it.All the treatments might help,but we are all different too.For all of us to get the help, we need to get these doctors to understand a few things about our pain level and disease. I run a pain support group and hear this all the time.So many go to the doctor and emotionally feel worse than we did when we went in.I found a doctor and told her right away what I live with,what I am able to do to help myself and also that i hope she will be there for me when she CAN help.I have to say I opened her eyes to many things and i am getting the care I need.I am glad to see that you know your limits and let this doctor know what you know YOU are able to do.I think we should all get credit for all that we do to help ourselves instead of letting doctors make us feel as if we sit and say POOR ME! That is the last thing I think any of us do.I wish you luck and many others with the challenges we live with. Lana56
  10. lindasue

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    Thank you for the support.....I felt like "powerhouse" doc didn't want to have anything else to do with me once I said I COULD NOT commit to something that extreem...to start with! He sat there for a minute and listened to my reason's and then said they would write me a prescription and then LEFT the room..........Then the med that he gave me was awful.....I can't take it...I called yesterday and left 2 messages about the med and the doctor STILL hasn't called me back!!!!! I don't think I will even go back there!! I am going to look for another doctor. I am so FED-UP with the EGO's I have to deal with....ON top of INSURANCE!!! That's another story I'll leave alone for now!
    Anyway, Thank you again for your reply and encourgement!
    I love this place.....I thank God for all of you.
    Love and Blessings,
  11. LouiseO

    LouiseO New Member

    I can't remember if you read my post about OxyContin. But just wanted to say please be careful with any meds.
    The best of luck and many ((((((( hugs )))))))))) to you.
    Luv Ya, Louise
  12. lindasue

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    Yes, I do remember your post and I decided NOT to that oxycontin. I had a rather bad reaction to that one as well. I am just so sensitive to some drugs...The one that has been working pretty well for me is darvocet-N. I don't know why this doctor changed me to Norco...But I left another message for him this morning and I'll see what happens....
    Thank you and God Bless,
  13. griswoldgirl

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    for you to learn how to contol the pain.

    i have tried biofeedback--it helped a bit. I now know when I am holding tention in my neck and muscles. They hook a machine up to you and ask you to relax an make the line going across the screen to even out. It takes practice. At the time I was having uncontrolable muscle spasms due to ruptured disc and ended up having back surgery a month later. I never went back, but what I learned in the few sesions I had has stuck with me. I have learned when I am real tense if I lay down a breathe deep for a while I can release the muscles without medication.

    I tried acupuncture--for me it did not do anything. The doc I went to told me I had too many surgeries and too many toxins in my system, ie.--medications and I smoke , therefore it did not do anything for me. I have heard it works for some.

    Yoga is awsome-right now I am healing from knee surgery and cannot get in the positions yet, I plan to return to it. It is a gentle way to exercise without too much hardship on the body.

    Physical therapy-they will teach you how to exercise to help build your muscles up and stretch, I assume.

    I think what they are asking of you to commit to is a bit much and also be careful because when I went to the clinic here, my insurance bouced back a lot of the charges I incurred because they were not covered.

    If you can go 3 times a week and give it a try I would do so. I have severe arthritis and have had back surgery and three knee surgeries in the last 2 years and unfortunately on narcotics and have been for a long time. Right now I am working out and doing PT exercises that take about 2-3 hours a day and it is killing me. I just woke up at noon after going to bed at 10 last night. I tried to get up with my children at 6 and just could not-so the exercise is getting to me and the meds. I am exhausted--today I am laying low, doing my exercises at home instead of the gym and listening to my body.

    I wish you luck. I as I said have been on narcotics for years now and am tired all the time and they contribute to the fatigue and the fog. I need to study for my boards for ultrasound before I can go back to work in a few months and it is very difficult on the meds, but without the meds I cannot get through my exercises-too much pain in my knee-so it is a catch 22. I am under the care of a pain management doctor also who perscribes my meds. I was on oxycotin for 8 months--I do not suggest it, worked like a charm but so addictive and your body needs more and more because you build a tolerance. This is so with any narcotic. so if you can find a way to do it without meds, do it. Just my opinion.

    Have you tried malic acid and magnesium, same e or anyother suppliments? They help me a lot. I take ATP which is sold here on this site and sam-e they help a lot with joint pain and muscle aches.

    sorry so long--I wish you luck

  14. Combatmedic

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    .....If I could commit to ANYTHING for four hours a day, five days a week, I would be WORKING!
    That's insane. I realize it's supposed to help you get better, but for crying out loud! Are they trying to help you, or kill you? lol.
    Good luck, keep us posted on how your next appt goes. I would probably not have a second appt. It's good that they did help you with your pain, but it really stinks that one pill made you feel so crummy. Hope you figure out a good solid plan that will work for all involved, so that you can feel better.

    Well, that's enough said, I'm really having problems thinking lately.

  15. lindasue

    lindasue New Member

    NO KIDDING!!!!! I said the same thing to my sister!!! If I could do this....I'd be working!!!!
    Thanks for the imput!! and reassurance!!!! It is bad enough that some people think this is not a real illness>>>> you know the old... "you look fine....."
    or "you don't look sick"....Although, most people I know can tell NOW that I can do very little and then I'm "zapped". They CAN see me getting drained..... and then the pain starts....I KNOW that I HAVE to pace myself with EVERYTHING I do and this program EXHAUSTED me just hearing about it!!! haha...
    Thanks again!
    Love and blessings,
  16. lindasue

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    malic acid and magnesium, same e..can you take sam e with zoloft?? Please let me know if you are on an antidepressent and can take sam e also....I'll give the malic acid and mag. a try! When and how much do you take?
    I've had acupuncture, and it really helped for other things..but not the fibro/cfids....never tried bio feedback and I am looking forward to trying that one....
    The clinic is checking on just what my insurance WILL pay for......
    Thanks for the imput.
    Love & hugs......
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  17. Lynda B.

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    Pain management specialist will not usually prescribe Darvet or Hydrocodone on a daily basis because all research points to a high level of addictiveness with these meds if used every day. By additiveness I mean one would need more and more as time goes on.

    That is why oxycontin, of MS Contin or Methadone is used on patients who truly have pain on a 24/7 basis. These meds can be released on a 12 hour basis and except for initial adjustments, they do not need more and more over time.

    Please don't shoot the messenger, I am only quoting it. An incredible source is Russell Portenoy at Sloan Kettering. I think the idea of opening up someone's eye's if possible is possible it is great. Going in with information from the nation's best can help do that. When you feel well enough find some articles to back up your findings. There are tons of them out there.

    I hope you can get this done and sooooo appreciate what that kind of pain and frustrating quality of life can be.

    Lynda B.
  18. lindasue

    lindasue New Member

    what to do about the davocet now....Gosh, I am in pain 24/7! Without the pain med's I would not be able to do anything but cry!!!!! I have been to the hospital er due to the pain being so bad......of course I was treated like a "junkie".....and they made me wait for almost 3 hours before they gave me anything!!!!! That was the 1st time I had gone to er....and the last....but it was a humiliating experience....
    I'll talk witht the doc. about oxy...I go to see him on the 27th...
    Thank you so much for your imput...and I apologize for taking so long to respond.