Went to Pain Clinic today

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by j9miller, May 15, 2003.

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    I had my first visit to the Pain Clinic today. It went very well. The dr wants me to stay on the Vicoprofen and see how I do. I have been on it less than a month ... was switched from Vicoden.

    He also put me on Topamax. It is supposed to act like neurontin (sp?). I will start it Friday night. I am to take 50mg at bedtime.

    He also want me to try a machine similiar to the Tens unit. It works on the muscles. I look forward to getting that .. if insurance approves it.

    Well, so far so good. He listened and we seem to be on the same page.

    Janine :)
  2. j9miller

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    The dr is having the rep call me about the unit. It is not something I have to go to like PT it is a unit I use at home. I hook up the leads and it massages the muscles, gives stimulation. I will let you know when I hear.

    Sorry you are hurting but hang in there. I figure if I am going to hurt anyway, might as well do it exercising.

  3. j9miller

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    when I will find out from the clinic if I have been approved for the device by my ins comp. I promise to tell you when I know. :)

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    I've about done it all now. The best for me has been the combination of Topamax and warm pool therapy. I do the arthritis class three times a week in 92-94 degree water. It is heaven. Topamax is known to help lose weight. I started on 25 mg and am now at 50 mg, ( I split it, 25 AM and 25 PM) due to the side effects. I have lost 10 pounds and and much more limber with the streching and exercising. My pain decreases if I get more sleep and less stress (not too much control there) The tens unit helps during the day sometimes depending on where the pain is at the time but mostly is too much trouble. Streching does me more good.
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    I've been using my Dr. Ho's muscle stem machine for the terrible pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders. I'd gotten it a few years ago for low back problem I was having.

    I'd put it away for a long time -- then the neck and shoulder pain got so bad I couldn't stand it. After going to my chiropractor and getting a muscle stem treatment and feeling sooooo much better, a little light went on! I dug out the Dr. Ho machine and started using it. It works great for me. I also like it because it's so small. I can actually stick it in a pocket, run the wires under my clothes and get a great muscle massage whenever I need it. It really helped when I was working on a computer all day.
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