Went to sleep clinic for pretest stuff

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shalala, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Shalala

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    This is really interesting. I was very ill during my pregnancy (23 years ago) and was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia (sp) and had to lay in bed for 3 months until my son's birth. The sleep clinic nurse was very interested in this. Also, she and the DR both were interested in my kidney function and the tumor on my right adrenal gland. They want to see my last 2 blood work ups. They also want me to go to a pyschiatrist (can't spell it)and have them do my anti-depressants NOT my PCP anymore. I am going in Monday night for the actual test and they may keep me there all the next day and following evening (if needed). Gosh I better pack a suitcase? I don't have any slippers so I went to Kohl's and they were having a major sale and got me these wild fuzzy purple slippers for $4 (I am not too proud). I also have to wear PJs or sweats (I don't own either of those) not a nightgown. I also am seeing my good eye DR who is no longer on my insurance plan :-( on the 14th because the nurse was concerned about the tear in my retina. So I really think it is time to switch PCPs. I am still whacked out from that Lyrica. At least my PCP agreed to put in for an extension on my STD. I hope I get it because I am in no shape to return to work!
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    I think STD is usually not too hard to get extended (at least mine wasn't...it was the LTD that got difficult).

    I did a sleep study first part of January. Then had to go back the very next night to get titrated on the CPAP 'cause it turned out I did have sleep apnea (mild).

    Good luck with the test. They stick electrodes all over you and it's a little messy getting out of your hair. Make sure you take some shampoo...they should have a shower there for you to use.

  3. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    Are you getting excited about your trip?

    Well at least the nurse at the sleep clinic impressed me. I am not sure about the DR yet? She seemed to be the one with all the smarts ... lol. I thought that was really interesting that she wants my bloodwork results? She also said she could help me with my FMLA being depleted! YAY

    Too bad she isn't a DR!!! She should be.

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