went to spa, had seaweed/peppermint body wrap, body reacted

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    I had the wrap done, then they put me on the bed with the sheets that look like foil, i looked like a mummy,it was freezing! Then they put a heating blanket on top with a few extra blankets, they said i'd get pretty hot, but i never did, i froze the whole time, shivering,

    my SIL went & had it done to, normal people do get warm in their, she did, i didn't have the same warmth, just the freezing. I've always suspected i have poor circulation, but this really has my attn.

    Drs always pasted it off as thin skin, becuase i complain that you can see my purple viens too much, nasty in cold weather, but still noticeable in warm weather, more so than any other fair skin red head.

    Anyone have any experience with this?? What could it be, i don't know where to begin about googling it, what to title this.

    I am very cold blooded, i have to havemy heat way up.

    Love saph

    I am so sorry i've been away, it's been real hard
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    Maybe it is your thyroid. If you consistanlt have a temp around 97.4 or so, your thyroid is sluggish, regardless of test's. You can take tour temp, before getting out of bed in the morning for about 3 or 4 day's to see.

    Raynaud's syndrome is common with our condition as well, our bodies thermostat is "broken:.

    i don't do well in the cold or heat.

    Hope this helps some. if your temp is low look up Wilson's Syndrome.:)

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    thanks claudia !!