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    Well, I just got home. I was worried I would not be in enough pain to convince him I was truly disabled, but after sitting there for 2 hours, the pain hit hard. He was extremely disorganized and left the room 7 different times during my exam to see other patients while I sat there waiting.

    He spent a very long time looking up my nose..I guess I have something interesting up there. Mold, parasites, Jimmy Hoffa? He spent so much time looking up there I almost asked him if he found Osama Bin Laden up there, but he was definately from the middle east. Glad I used my head for once.

    Ok...so what he did for those of you who have not been through this yet is...he did an extensive history on me and my family with prior medical problems, etc. Then he checked out my eyes and ears, spent 5 minutes in my nose and then my mouth, then back to my nose,left the room, came back, checked back to my mouth then my nose. Then he left the room.

    He came back and he checked my lungs and heart. By then I had been there an hour and my back was spazzing constantly. He kept telling me to stop moving, so he could hear but I couldnt stop. Then he had me lay down so he could check out my abdomen. As soon as I laid reclined I had a HUGE spasm in my lower abdomen that made me scream out loud..and boy I was LOUD!! He seemed very concerned at that point and asked if I was ok. I said, yes I was but I needed to get home and rest as this was all too much movement. Then he left the room.

    Five minutes later, he came back. Well he went to my legs and feet..checked reflexes etc. Then he left the room. When he came back he had me do exercises with my arms to test my range of motion. Then he left the room.

    When he came back he had me stand on my toes and walk and then my heels. I could do the tip toes, but for some reason I kept losing my balance on my heels. He then told me to stand straight and close my eyes. I fell backwards and had to lean against the exam table to keep from falling.

    He asked me to squat down, and I told him to be ready for snap, crackle and pop. I got all the way down and everything cracked, snapped and popped. He cringed when he heard that and said..."I am so sorry, I didn't know." Then he asked me to bend my knees and bend down and touch both hands to the floor. I lost my balance again but I am not sure of he saw that. He had me walk back and forth across the room, and I was weaving around like a drunken fool. I was exhausted after all this and for some reason could not walk straight. Suddenly, he grabbed all of his paperwork and said.."ok, we are done".

    We walked out of the exam room and he asked me if I would like a card to see him in the future. I wish I had said yes, but I was so out of it, I just shook my head no and said I was seeing a new doc tomorrow. He wished me luck, smiled and said goodbye.

    When hubby and I got in the car, hubby said..."well you sure exhibited alot of pain..if he rates you badly, then he doesn't know what he is talking about."

    All in all, I think it went well. I hope it did. I just thought I would share this with some people who have not yet been for a SSA physical so they know what to expect.
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    I still think everybody who has a pulse passes the exams.

    Love, Mikie
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    This guy didn't even check my tender points!

    I know this is a requirement for basis of diagnosis with rheumatologists, and every GP, FP or internist I have seen has done this.

    I still can't figure out why he wouldnt have done it. Then again, he never took my blood pressure either.
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    with mikie anyone with a pulse passes i went to 2 of there drs and there reports sounded like they had saw a totally differnt person!even though one had me crying and the other got me to vomit from the pain!
    make sure you ask them to send a copy of the report to your dr
    a, so your dr can show evidance to refute it and
    b,so you can get a copy from your dr and see what this guy said
    also i would mention in the paper they gave you to point out he offerd to see you in the future i dont think there suppose to do that!

    ps there drs never checked me for tender points either,theres your hint if the dr even belives in fm[This Message was Edited on 04/28/2003]
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    What a total crack up!!! What could possibly be so interesting in your nose! hehehehe. I'm still laffin. And what an idiot. N
  6. ForeverFlaring

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    just being nosey.. :)

    Actually, my nose has been very irritated lately. I don't know if I have sores in it or if it is just dry or what. But without trying to be gross, I think I produce more boogers in a day than my son's entire third grade class. I also have developed a few painful mouth sores, so maybe there is some correlation. Unfortunately, I never got to ask him about it because he kept leaving the room.

    I get to go see a brand new doc tomorrow, so I will try to remember to ask him to look up my nose and see what's up.


    To hear that you had such a bad experience but I can't help but laugh at the way this so called "doctor" had more interest in looking up your nose! :)

    Please forgive me for what I'm about to say but, you made my morning today and I could not help but laugh to the point of tears.

    Thank you foreverflaring for sharing your experience and I'll pray that your final report with SSA is a positive one. :)

    Lots of Hugs 4 you