Went to the doctor today , first to take my mom and then for me

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    By the time I went to bed last night my chest felt like some really heave person was sitting on it and breathing was hard to do. So I used my asthma inhaler and it helped me alot too, But when i woke up thingmorning I had NO voice and the cough was so much wrose and it is makeing my throat hurt from all the coughing and when I cough I can taste blood it my mouth and I have a head ache that will not go away.

    MOm called and was telling me the she was sshort of breath and once someone has had blood clots in there lungs you take them to the doctor. Her hear was beating too fast so he uped her meds and had some blood work done and i ask him to check my pule ox and he did and it was low like 88 and I could not get it up . So I asked him what to do and he told me to see my own doctor and I told him that has has been my doctor for my lung problems but he has not seen me for years.

    So while MOm was gettting her blood drawn I called my doctor and got the doctor on call which is ok I have seen him to and like him also, HE listened to my lungs adn they were crackling so he had me cough hard and it would clear them out for a few minutes. But he told me that I had better take care of myself as I could get phemumonia really easyly as I have had it every year for the past few years and once ended in the hospital as i could not keep my poulse ox up in the normal range so when the doctor checked it at his office. It was in teh nromal range as i had been doing taking deep breaths for him to listen to my lungs. And looking at my throat It is really red and sore and I am to use my inhaler 2 puffs 4x a day for the next week and to stay home for at least 5 days and not to go out amoung the crowds as I am really susoable to getting the other illnesses that are floating around right now, I have this head ache so bad right now and i am trying to get rid of it but I can't seem to get rid of it yet. But I am getting tired again and the throat and head are getting to me so it is back to bed for me.

    I still have a bit of a fever as my normal body temp is 95.6 and it was 99.0 when I was at the doctor he told me that I was to go to the hospital if my temp reached 100. So when I last took my temp it was 98.8 still a bit high but not too high. But I can't stand this head ache and my throat hurting and buring like it is doing. So I give up and i am going back to bed now Just took my temp by mouth and it is 99.1 so I had better get some more fluids in to me. And I am going to go to bed. I have taken my night time meds and some ibphren for the headache and it usually helps it but nothing is working to night. So It is back to bed for me. I have to use the inahaler before I go to bed so good night to all and have a better day than I am having.

    So I just don't feel great and it is close to feeling like death warmer over and I am struggling with how to define the pain from the fibro and the flu It is really hard. So as of right now i have a bad cold but it could turn out to be worse and that is why i can't go out side and be amoung the people as i will be really susiable to getting everything else. I hope that I will be feeling better soon.
    HUgs to all,
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    I am still feeling like death warmed over. I went to the doctor yesterday and was informemed that My o2 was low so I went in to my own doctor and it was better but he said that I needed to stay home and don't leave my house and don't be around anyone who is sick as I am a big canadite for getting the flu and phemumonia. I still am running a fever it is about 102. My normal body temp is 95.6 and I have been running a fever since yesterday. And it gets higher for a while and then drops but it is not so high that I am going to the ER for it. I was told that if my temp got to 100 to call the doctor, since it has been high all day I did call my doctor and was told that I sounded like I had a bad cold that could turn in to something else. So I am staying home and drinking tons of water but I have no appitite at all and that worries me to , I try to eat but nothing tastes good to me. So I have eaten a few crackers and that it about it.

    MY throat is so sore that I don't want to swollow at all. I am still sore and it hurts to so much. I am coughing and it really hurts me and i feel so rotten.

    I am going to go to bed now as I just can't stand up anymore.
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    You poor dear, you sound just dreadful. I hope you get over this very soon.
    Rest, fluids and take something for that fever.


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