Went to the doctor yesterday

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cczub, Mar 23, 2007.

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    Saw the doctor yesterday. We're staying the course of Trazadone for sleep but we changed my pain management meds.

    He has now given me Oxycodone ER for pain and Vicodin for break through pain. I took the first one yesterday after work, 10mg.. Pain went from a 7 to about a 3 within an hour. However, I was completely out of it. He told me it should take 48-72 hours for my body to adjust. However I couldn't take one this morning because I have to work from 7-4. My God, the pain is right back and feels worse today.

    Anyone else on Oxycodone ER? Does the "dopey" feeling go away once you're body adjusts. I'd love to give it a good go on the Oxycodone to see if it works, but if it makes me not be able to work I won't be able to take it.

    He's hoping if we can actually get some management of my pain, hopefully it'll help with my extreme fatigue.

    I've tried Provigil and it didn't help much and made me jittery. What else does everyone else take for fatigue?


  2. sfrazier

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    chris i take avinza which is a time released morphine which is basicly the same thing that your taking. i take mine first thing in the morning. yes at first it made me much tired. i would end up taking a nap at around 11 and was taking the avinza at 9. now that i've been taking it for awhile it's not quite that bad. i will say though that i have nothing for break through pain because even with the avinza i've had days where on a pain scale i was at 10's. my norm right now is 8 so my doctor increased the avinza. haven't started that though. going to finish off the first script and then start. as for your question yes the dopey feeling goes away. however my doctor told me that i was to take it at the same time every day. not sure how i would feel if i took it at night and then took it again the next morning. good luck though i hope everything works out with the new pain killer......SueF

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