Went to the Rhuemy and the Rhuemy said....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by franners, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. franners

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    Said to stop all my meds and buy his supplements and I would be cured within 3 months but said I had "the severe progressive and debilitating form of Fibro." Said to stop seeing my GP (the only one who is trying to help and is taking it upon himself to educate himself on this disease) and only see him. That my doc was a "small town country doc that doesn't know anything." I took a friend who is also a nurse and has the same GP. But get this wrote a script for Ambien 10mg for 30 days.. Had told me not to take any meds except his supplements, oh and buy Dr Pellegrino's book that they sell. It was like he agreed about my diagnosis and told me it would take six months or more to go back to work, but if I took his stuff and read the book his office sells I would be "cured" in 3 months.. I AM SOOOO CONFUSD NOW!!!!!!
    Oh and he said that I should have ate organically all these years... I told him big time over this!! Hello, I raise my own meat, grow my own veggie (well, up to two years ago when this started hitting me hard) and canned my veggies for off season. Also told him that I had seen alot of specialist within the last two years and all they did was cut me open or degrade my integrity but my Gp tries to help me..
    My Question guys is this.. I take neurontin and that does help my nerve pain, celebrex which I can't tell anything from it, zanaflex which needs increased cause I get spasms all the time, ultracet for pain as needed which only takes the edge off, my vitamins and suppliments, and my wellbutrin for depression and to help with the neurontin... What do I stop?? What in the Hel# do I do for a little more relief?? Oh and he said neither buy mine when I asked which was better metamucil or citracil...
    You know, I just don't know what to do or where to go anymore.. My dermatologist office still doesn't have all the results from my biopsy that they did on the 19th of last month. I am so tired of all this I just don't want to go on anymore.. I have raised my kids and they are productive idividuals who are out on their own. I am not suicidal but would not fight it if something happened.. The only ones that truely understands are you guys who are great but there is nothing but a cold screen between us..
    Please do not get me wrong. I look for this wonderful group everyday and you guys are comfort and fantastic guidence.. Well, thank you for letting me verbalise my ......grief.. for lack of another word..
    Love to you all..
  2. Mikie

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    I would be very wary of any doc who promises a three-month return to good health. Also, his advice to stop all your meds is downright dangerous, especially the antidepressant and the Neurontin. The only words which come to mind are, "Quack, quack."

    Love, Mikie
  3. obrnlc

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    hi fran--this guy sounds like the kind we try to keep off the board here! Not only should you make haste to a different doc, but he should be reported for trying to profit on peoples misery in his position. You HANG IN THERE--better days are ahead! Laurie
  4. LeLeHpr

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    HHHmmnnnn, sounds funny to me....Does he waddle when he walks...Hate to make light us this, butneed to take every opportunity we can to laugh..

    Please find another doc...
  5. Seagull

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    now "practicing" medicine! And, don'cha just love his professional courtesy toward the physician who referred you to him?!

    I agree with the rest of the posts you have already received on this turkey. Run, don't walk, back to the GP who cares enough about your needs to be taking precious time to try to learn as much as he can about your conditions. JMHO
  6. Suekoo

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    Hi - the only things I agree with are the Ambien and Dr. Pellegrino's book are good :)
  7. achy

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    Been there, done that...went to "well respected rhumy"...who is a total A$$.

    What do you do? How much $$ do we have to spend, most of it wasted on meds that dont work, or docs that don't want to help!

    As far as your ?? I have been on the same meds..lol odd huh?
    Newrontin did nothing for pain by really made me dopey. I'm dopey enough thank you.
    Celebrex...nuttin honey...Well did bring on as asthma attack. (Dr is still annoyed I WONT TRY IT AGAIN!! please
    Zanaflex a few yrs ago..not enough relief during day
    I'm Back on Ultram now..only thing this wonderful rumy wil Rx....Baby asprin does as much, and cheaper, but better than nuttin...I take 2 every 4 hrs...dr would be furious!
    Tried zoloft for depr....then wellburtrin...today ADDED lexapro....I rattle when I walk..but hey..I'll be happy about it!!

    And this is what tickled me about your post..I too do the supplements, grow our own meat (no chickens thank you..)
    I to have a veggie garden and can..although it killed me this year. I eat fruit for brkfst....veggies/fruit for lunch, sensible dinner. Few chocolate snacks here and there.
    Yup...and I'm still sick. AND I have gained 30 lbs.

    I wish I had the answers..or knew WHO did...

    If you find out "which direction will help us will you let me catch a ride wiht ya...cause I'm lookin too.

    Hang in there..the alternative is no better. LOL

    Warm fuzzies
  8. Therrell

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    I think that you should dump this Doc.Any doc. worth his weight in salt would know how dangerous it would be to stop all of your meds at the same time.I'm not sure what Zanaflex is but I have the muscle spasms(more when tired or at night) and I take Klonapin. It is an anti seizure drug, and I take 2 1mg. tablets at night. I also take Flexiril (muscle relaxor),Elavil(old anti depressant that is suppose to work with Effexor. I haven't taken the Neurotin yet, but am going to try to get doc. to let me try it. I know that I've read here that some other friends take Klonopin in the day time.Hang in there.I think that we have all felt exactly the same at some times.Maybe you might ask your "Country Doctor" to switch your Wellbutrin if you've been on it for a while. Maybe a new one might help.Your children may not be at home, but they DO NEED YOU!!!!!!!! I'll say a little prayer for you.
  9. IntuneJune

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    There was a rheum in our state who did the same thing...he's out of business now. I asked one of his patients what happened, she runs across him socially from time to time, he told her he came down with fibro. Fondly June
  10. franners

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    Thank you for all of your guy's kind words and fantastic advice... This too shall pass.. gas
    The Zanaflex is originally 4mg but I take six then get up at 2:30 or so with spasms and take 2mg more.. and I'm up by 5 am but just in pain not a spasm until around 7am... I can just about guess the times anymore so I will get it increased monday from my gp..
    I know I am going to bite the bullet and file for the ssi/ssd now.. I kept putting it off hoping somebody/anybody would make me feel better...
    I am just glad I took my friend with me to this DOC'S office and had her take notes.. She was fumed too..
    I am never going back!!! Just one thing, when I apply do I have to put him and the neuro from hell down as doc's I have seen??
    Thanks to all of you

  11. sofy

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    I have no idea if this doc is out for you money or can cure you. He says 3 months. Well 3 months isnt a long time. Tell him you are mulling it over but have trouble with the conflict of interest of buying supplements from the doc. who is perscribing them. Ask if it is possible to buy them elsewhere? If he says no then that is a BIG red flag. If he says yes then you might want to give it a whirl.

    If you decide to give it a try write or talk to you gp and tell them exactly what this guy says and tell them you are goig to take the 3 month gamble to see and hope to do it with their blessing and at the end of 3 months you will report your experience back to them and start up with your currently prescribed scrips or move on with your life as a much healthier person.

    Recently there was someone here who took 3 months off work, took supplements, and went back to work full time so anything is possible but like everyone else I am a sceptic but with hope. Hey, Ive tried all sorts of things that I had doubts about but tried them anyway just in case it did help.
    You could also ask to talk to some of his patients who have been thru the 3 month cure.
    If you go for it please let us know.

    ps: Susabar is the one who wrote about going back to work. You can start by looking at her 6-21-03 post[This Message was Edited on 07/11/2003]
  12. baby-bear

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    I would be VER-WE, VER-WE, leary. Just because this guy has a degree does not mean he is all that. Definitely check with your own GP and also check him out. See if there has been any complaints on him. Pammy