Were any of your parents

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  1. Jennifer

    Jennifer New Member

    This was so interesting to me and it seems so true. My Mom was 33 and my Dad 40 when I was born. I got everything from them of the bad health part. Dad was healthy but had bad teeth, very, crooked and overlaped. They were all decayed, so were mine. Now my Mom, had everything. They were just called different names then. I know she had fibro and the migraines just like I do. Very bad R.A. , colon trouble, 8 hip surgeries, wrist surgery. I also have the bladdar disease and dry eye. Mine started from polio of the spine at 4yrs old. After that it leat me with chronic fatigue. I get spurts of energy. Then I pay for it and feel like a mac truck ran over me. I also have low thyroid whick makes you tired. I haven*t written for a long time, sorry. Most of the time my grandaughter is on the putor and really I just enjoy getting caught up on all of your messages. Thanks for being there. You Guys are the best, believe it or not, I use to be a really good speller, short term memory is very bad for me and it is very sad cause I can*t spell the other word. Ha. Take Care jennifer
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    My mom was 29 and my Dad was 39 when they had me. My mom had several miscarriages between having my brother and me and they put her to bed when she started spotting with me at six months. She had toxinema (sp?) and they took me early via C section. Her health was never good after she had me and she died when I was 21 of chronic degenerative lung disease and diabetic neuropathy.

    My Dad died of diabetic related illnesses. The last ten years of his life he had brain damage from a stroke. I tested postive for Hughes Syndrome and I take aspirin for it. Don't know if that is related or not.

    My father's grandmother had something like FMS and she also had something definately like IC. Dad always told us his grandmother was "hypochondraic" but recalling the story now I realize it sounds a LOT like FMS. It was mostly body wide muscle pains and headaches, could have been Hughes as well from what I understand.

    No one really had the vertigo like me though, at least none that I know of.

    My sister (by a different mother) has RA.
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  3. NyroFan

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    Both of my parents had cancer and are gone. They were healthy before that but the Big C got them.
    So far just benign tumors for me.

  4. place

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    My childhood was filled with afternoons of being quiet, because mom was taking a nap for energy and her headaches.

    She would also be in bed by 8:00.

    She would never do anything to cuase her to be uncomfortable. So she did not have to much pain like I do, but I play sports and I have a ton of that pain.

    In addition, my mom could never sleep. Kind of what I am going through.
  5. sop28

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    My mother hasn't been diagnosed with FM but has all the classic symptoms. She complains about how she feels all the time but refuses to do anything about it. I'm not quite sure why.

    Also her mother was always sleeping and would start working around the house and then be unable to finish. She had hypothyroidism.
  6. UnicornK

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    My parents were 24 (Mom) and 33 (Dad) when I was born. I was their first of three.

    Dad had emotional problems and was an alcoholic. He died in 1997 after falling down the stairs while drunk. (He was a wonderful man - sober - and I miss him.)

    Mom will be 70 this year. I believe she has FM, and maybe CFS too. She is diabetic (as am I), very overweight (as am I), and has alot of the stuff that goes along with it. She doesn't want to be diagnosed. She says she would still have pain so what good would it do.

    We think that her mother may have had diabetes and alzheimers (sp).

    I had german measles (rubella) when I was 6 months old. I wonder if that has anything to do with my DDs.

    God Bless.
  7. Strawberry94

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    I remember being little when my Mom would get pnuemonia in the winter and my older half sisters would feed me before they went to school and then they would put my whole stack of Disney records on the record player with the volume low and I would be told not to get out of my room, except to go to the bathroom and not to make any noise until Mom woke up.

    Then later when she woke up, usually around noon I would take my barbies in and play at the foot of my mother's bed.

    My mother had severe pnuemonia while pregnant with me during the first two months. She claims they told her at that time that I was a "tumor!" and that she kept saying no I am pregnant. [This Message was Edited on 05/09/2006]
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    My sweet Daddy who has been gone for 6 years in April was physically frail all his adult life. He had six major back surgeries, he had major heart problems, lung problems, Restlessleg Syndrome, Compression of the Spine and I am built like him, look like him and act just like him. I loved him even though he was sick alot and in constant pain. My Grandmother, my Mother's Mother was also a sickly person and died from Parkinson's Disease about 25 years ago. My Father was 1/2 native American and didn't believe in taking medication to ease pain, so he suffered all his life and yet he didn't take it out on the kids, he suffered in silence a lot of the time.

  9. mildred623

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    Mom was 32 and dad was 52 when I was born. The only health problem he ever had was the colon cancer that he eventually died from.

    Mom on the other hand had a list of illnesses.
    Heart disease
    Lung Cancer
    Brain Tumor
    High blood pressure
    (I've probably forgotten alot of them)
    She was on round the clock oxygen, was in a wheelchair and took something like 26 pills a day just to survive.
    It's a wonder with all these diseases that run in the family that I dont have more wrong with me than I do.

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