Were the celebrities who overdosed on painkillers masking FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by vinetti23, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. vinetti23

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    I saw the E true hollywood story on Elvis last night. I couldn't help but wonder - how many people have overdosed on painkillers? And really, why do they do this? Sure, some people do get "high" from them - but doesnt the "average" person get kinda naushious and sick from painkillers if they don't really need them? Why would the average normal person resort to such things really?

    Watching the elvis story made me wonder if there might have been a connection to FM - and even if not, what about the dozens of other actors who got "hooked" on prescription painkillers? What do you think was really going on?

    Just a thought...
  2. Applyn59

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    I can never figure this out. I have seen articles and
    heard stories on TV of celebs having vicodin parties.
    They leave bowls of the stuff all over the place and
    they take 40 at a time! I thought that amount would
    kill someone.

    I think the people who get high must be people
    with no pain?? I have been on Percocets and
    Lortab, etc and have never once been high.
    I would actually find it to be a rather nice perk.
    It doesn't work that way for me!!!

    I don't think it has to do with FMS. Most of the
    people, like Matthew Perry, were put on it
    for medical reasons and then became addicted.
    It gets prescribed for many different health

    I guess those of us who can't get drs. to prescribe
    meds, (luckily, I don't have that problem), should
    start auditioning for tv and movies and get invited
    to those parties!

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    I watch Bio' show's, since I can't read as much as I use to.

    I saw one on Marylin Monroe, and I could just about bet that she did.
    Also Jennifer Jones, had a lot of the Symptom's, she was actually Locked up in Mental wards and given Electric shocks.

    Can you imiagne living back in the Old Old day's, then people really did think you were crazy.

    I often look at people's feet, why? am I weird, (yes I am lol), no the reason is beacuse of the Symptom called "Morton's Foot".

    Like your Toe that is next to the Big Toe, is it longer than the other's, is there a wide space between the 2?
    To me, that's one of the "Signs", and I see a lot of High Profile people had them. Hmmmmm?

    About thoes Wild Vicodin Parties, that's always been a Myth, the drug's have changed through the year's, use to be it was Coke, and Speed, that was left out in Bowls at the Celebrities homes. Maaybe some, but not many, most addict's do like to share their Drug's.

    I do know that they Do Drug's , what makes me Mad are the Ones who do take them when they don't need them, get into trouble, then Everyone around Us, points their Finger's and Say's See told you they were addictive.
    Small Hand full, Big Press.

    Wonder if they could check on past Heatlth Records to help get a Clue???

  4. kredca4

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    What a horrible thing to have happen to you. I really did think that they stopped doing the Schock Treatment's.
    How did you ever Survive? you must be one Tough Cookie for sure.

    Sorry you went through that.

    I'm glad I finally got a dx, I have given both my Son and Hubby plenty of Information, to keep something like from happening to me.

    At first they thought I was Parnoid, because of the FMS/CMP/OA, and the Depression that can come with it.
    The kind you can get, from Losing your Business, Family Friends, not the Clinical type. I refuse to take anti-depressant's, because of the Information I have read oan my Condition's.

    (Which I have printed out and keep in a small File, in my car/and van.) Can't be to careful these day's.