Were you crop Dusted in the 70's

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  1. teawah

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    I was raised in farm land and played in the fields and swam in the canals that were poisoned due to the crop dusting of the crops. The research thirty years later says that there are probably some links between this and the poor health and immunity issues that some people are having. I know this is true for myself and my siblings. Do others have any such experience and results?

    I am MCS and HSP along with FM/CFIDS.

    Desperately looking for links that will help me track my illnesses.

    PLEASE help me with this question!

  2. lassiecass

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    Hi Teawah,
    Yep, in the seventies we lived right next to the cotton fields on the border of our town. Whenever they would spray it would smell like a weird onion smell for a few days. I always wondered if there might be a link somehow? There are so many things that come into play with this DD, who knows?
    Soft Hugs,
    Sandy (Cass)
  3. Kay2

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    I was cropped dusted for years while living in Nevada. Also sprayed with DDT while living on base. We would be out playing and here would come the trucks! Also while riding horses.A group of us would be riding a here would come the planes!!! No wonder we are all so sick. Oh yes!
  4. Bigfoot

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    I've lived my whole life in Wisconsin and I remember being sprayed and running THROUGH freshly sprayed corn fields as a kid in the 70's. Smart huh :) I made sure to stay away from paint chips though ..... that could make you sick.
  5. Dlee

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    I would just love to watch them planes,they look like they were going to hit the trees just stood there sucking it up.(one more smart thing i've done in my life)....Donna
  6. teawah

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    I hope to hear from more people about this but I just wanted to say that I think there is possibly a link. For me there most definitely is. MCS.

    Bigfoot, thanx for the laugh. I probably ate those paint chips. I never was very smart!

  7. phenom

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    but do you think i can find it today? sorry! my dad was dusted with agent orange and all the others (they all had names of colours, there was purple and blue etc i think) during the vietnam war, and he has many problems now, has not been told FM but who knows. a lot of war veterans from vietnam have medical problems, and from what i've read, gulf war syndrome is exactly the same.

    v.v's have increase in so many weird diseases etc, and have higher rate of miscarriage (so its being passed on to baby's before they're born) and infant/child death.

    i will try to find some articles and post them for you...

  8. Fibromiester

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    I think I have read somewhere that the "crop dusting" MAY not have been all chemicals to kill the bugs in the plants...
    but Possibly the "germs" that cause the micoplasma- that MAY cause CFS, etc. Dr. Garth Nicolson says....
    or maybe it was the Center for Complex Infectious Diseases- they do Stealth Virus research. They have a web site easy to locate...
    Phenom, can you find some articles? Man! This is Interesting!
  9. Bellesmom

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    I know as a kid they used to always do the sides of the roads to kill the weeds a lot of places and maybe they still do for all I know.

    The one thing I remember well about 18 years ago was having a tree sprayer come out (isn't that what you're supposed to do??) and he didn't wear a mask or anything. I asked him why and he said I never have and my father never has, either. Oh, my gosh!!!

    I locked myself in the house and when I came out my fish in the outside pond were all dead (he said it wouldn't kill them). I was so sick we had to spend the night at a motel and I know I never got my trees sprayed again. I can't even stand it when spraying is down around house for termites, etc.

  10. 1maqt

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    We lived in the middle of cotton country and for a 50 mi. radius there was nothong but cotton. They dusted with DDT in the spring and Defoliation in the fall. We owned the Grocery Store and used to stand outside and wave to the planes as they flew over!! Not a clue!

    I also have two sisters that have autoimmune related deseases, and one that does not. My brother also has problems. Threre is one wweb site that says the chemicals we injested may heve some effect on us. Sorry can't remember which one...~1maqt~