West Nile, very scary here

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tlayne, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. tlayne

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    There are 11 confirmed cases in a 'very small' community (about 3000), and 3 dead within a two week period. One is a twelve yr old boy, and the other two were elderly. I just found out that a sweet girl that I have worked with (she's a nurse) was life flighted over the weekend to a bigger city hospital. I do not know how she is doing yet.

    This is pretty scary. I live 20 minutes from this town, and I work in it. Please everyone be careful and use bug repellant that is safe. Hugs, Tam
  2. tlayne

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    Thank for posting all this info. I just found out today that alot more people have had the symptoms of West Nile in our area, and the medical field is treating it as such to get a head start on it.

    The ones who have died have died from encephalitis. Infection of the brain. I have a friend (the one that life flighted out) that is very sick, and at this point they are not sure she will make it. She is young 33 yrs and has small children. How very sad. anyone who reads this post please pray for her. Her name is Stacy. Hugs, tam
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    Here is a US map with current WNV activity. They update it weekly, I believe.

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    Hi Tam,

    Sounds like you may be very close to me. I live in Kuna, and work in Boise. There is a boy in Melba that is not doing well with West Nile-meningitis....

    I'm glad they make some 'fresh scent' bug sprays now. It's just not worth the risk arround these parts. They have tested pools all over ada, and elmore counties....and they are ALL testing positive.

    I am a single mom to a 4y/o, and a 6/yo. I won't even let them go outside AT ALL without spray on. (and the wasps are a bit out of control too).

    I did read that one you've had it , you build up an immunity to it......

    Take care.

  5. tlayne

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    Ya, I am in Idaho. The WNV is really bad right now in Gooding County. My friend was life flighted to Boise. Nice to hear from you...a fellow Idahoan! I am sorry that you have this DD tho. By the way, You are beautiful! Love, Tam
  6. tlayne

    tlayne Member

    Thank you for posting this site! I will take a look at it! Love, Tam
  7. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    West Nile was a pretty big thing in Canada. I won't let myself dwell on it, and I'm allergic to bug sprays, oh well. I prefer to deal w/ what's on my plate already. I'll only get sicker if I stress over what will likely not happen.

    One thing they have found out is kids, if they do get it, tend to get much milder symptoms than adults. Something about their less mature immune systems actually working in thier favour I think. They guess that as our generation passes that people will have built an immunity to it over the generations. Its what tends to happen w/ various bugs, we build up resistance over time.


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