Western Blot vs PCR

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by behooved, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. behooved

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    I'm not sure which tests to order from Igenex. I know I definitely want the western blot, but is it worth it getting the PCR too?

    It says on the form I got with the kit that getting the panel with both the WB and PCR is twice as much money as just the WB alone.

    Is it worth that much extra money for the PCR?

    Does anyone know what percentage of LD cases don't have a positive WB but do have a positive PCR?

    Also... does anyone know how accurate the Igenex WB is?

    I hope these questions made sense, I know very little about all of this!

    Thank you.
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    hi behooved!

    are you ordering the test yourself? if so, you could order the wb and then after you see a llmd, let him or her decide whether the extra cost is worth it for the pcr.

    i'm sorry i dont know very nuch about it -- after i got the wb through igenex, my llmd ordered another panel through MDL -- he said it picks up different strains from igenex.

    he did not order a pcr for me,

    maybe somebody mo' smarter'n me can jump in here!


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    and IGenex is the place to get it - they have the highest reliability of the labs since they specialize in it (70% overall).

    And keep in mind that the 5 bands the CDC requires for surveillance/tracking purposes is NOT what is suggested by the CDC for actual dx, you can have fewer bands etc... and it's the clinical picture that counts in the end, as even they say.

    all the best,
  4. behooved

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    Thanks guys, I think I'll just go for the WB for now then. They don't make the PCR very tempting with the price anyway!

    I am ordering the test myself... unfortunately I haven't found a LLMD in my area yet. I'm going to get my ID doc or Rheumy to sign the testing form and get my blood drawn for Igenex.

    When I get my results back I'll try to interpret them myself (with the help of the wonderful folks on this board, of course), and then maybe scope out a LLMD if it's warranted.

    Thanks again!
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    Your profile says you got sick in England. You may have a European strain. When you get your results you might want to compare it with this document:


    How to intrepret: