Wh0 was it again?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by silky17, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. silky17

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    Im' tellin ya, I can't keep a clear thought in this, I am trying to find the other person on here who are using Kantor & Kantor?

  2. suzetal

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    Hi there Im using them.

    I think you started using them befor me.Is everything going ok.

  3. suzetal

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    Silky To See
  4. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    JUst Bumping Again.


    PS It really is me have Kantor>>>>>>>>LOL
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  5. suzetal

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  6. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    I just wanted to see how things were going for you. Also to see how or what your case is doing. I did tell them that I was approved for SS and he said that you don't know
    what that has done for your case. (in a good way) . So I just wait for an answer.

    I was just curious how long something like this takes. I have left poodlemommy some posts but I haven't gotten any answers back yet. Maybe they never went through. I don't like to bug people about their personal buisness. But I sure am anxious.

    Well theres my story and I am sticking to it. Hahahahaha

    Have a good day,
  7. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    I have so many letters from my doctors that told them .MY FM & CFS brought on the depression.

    So it looks really good so far.I told Kantor that I no longer want to get paid by the month.I want a full settlement wont settle for the monthly payments after this .Its my way or no way.I wont settle if its not my way.

    I'm becoming a tough old broad. LOL

    Well thats all I have so far.I talk to them tomorrow Ill let you know If theres anything new.

    PS Sorry I did not get back to you sooner.I had to have my mamagram redone.Just got in from that test.
  8. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    How many correspondence have you had with them? I have always spoken to Mitch except for the initial first periods of Sam. That kind of gave me a scare when I found out he wasn't there anymore.

    All I have recieved is the court papers that were filed. It sounds like you talk to them weekly.

    Thanks for getting back with me by the way. I hope we both have great news. Was your original lawsuit because you were not approved for STD?

    Will look for your response,
    Debbie (silky17)
  9. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Last time I spoke to Mitch was 2 weeks ago.Is he gone?
    Ill have to call them.

    Time frame ,this is what I was told.Case will be filed this month and than anywhere up to 2 yrs.

    Just want you to know .I am so angry with that INS>CO.that I don't care if I only get $1.00 after its over.I don't care how much the lawyer will get.I just want to get back at them for putting me through hell.Making me spend money on extra doc. opinions and test I had already had.

    I am PO and want to make a point and when I win I'm going to call our local news Chanel's and go public.

    Its not fair the way they treat us .I paid for that INS. so I want whats due me .I am sick ITS NOT ALL IN MY HEAD LIKE THEY SAID>

  10. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    I myself and mad as a hornet. Espesially when they talk you into getting the extra 6 & 2/3's percent. Then they don't want to fess up. My paperwork kind of states that they did not make it clear to me what it was that I needed. So who knows what they have up their sleeve.

    And NO Mitch is not gone, Its Sam. Well we have to keep each other in prayer that we will be vindicated. I mean if they gave me some to try and get better then who knows I might have made it back to work. But this whole time I had to try and get the City,the salvation army, and churches to give me a helping hand, lord knows how very gratefull I am for the help. I don't really have anyone top reach out to like a mom or dad. The two brothers I have are worse off than me. God is the rock who got me through, I believe he will be with me again through this.

    Good luck to you,

    P.S. I will try and keep you posted.
  11. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    I will also keep you posted.

    I am sorry you are having such a hard time.Ill keep you in my prayers.


  12. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    I talked to Mitch yesterday.My Ins Co. sent me pappers I need to fill out.Mitch said no dont send them to us because your case has been filed.

    I should have my letter this week.That means that the ins. co. also got theres.And can have no written or verbal contact with me .It all has to go through Kantor.

    Just thought Ild give update.

  13. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    Today I spoke to Mitch and he gave me the emails to the lawyer who has my case and her assistance email. So right after I got off the phone with her I emailed them. I was finished with their mail about 2 mins when I recieved a call from Millie, Tracy C.'s assistant.

    I ask if she wanted my correspondance from SS and they said to fax it over. They also said some other things but I don't feel comfortable saying on here.

    I wish I could get your email. She also said that they are going to try and get them to start me on STD. I kind of found that a little weird but I guess that is how they have to do it. If you can figure a way to correspond another way let me know. They also told me that is the way they have to do it. Going first with the STD. Do you know if that true or what? I didn't want to have to deal with them all the time either. Maybe its a way to try and get me to get the help of lawyers twice. Hmmmmmmmmm?

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  14. suzetal

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    don't have state STD. You need to get that first from the INS. Co.
    My state has STD so I collected that from them till it ran out.So mine right now is for LTD.

    Ill see if I can come up with a way for me to get you my Email address.

  15. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    what you said. I did recieve SSI and now I am on SSDI. The thing is I never got the approval from my insurance co. for STD. THey denied both.

    Is Mitch your attorney or do you have someone else?

  16. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Why your attorny is going for your STD payments first,They owe them to you.Why not get every penny your owd?

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  17. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Got my papers.My case has been filed in court.

    Did you get yours yet?

    Mitch said to no longer talk to them or answer any of there letters.I'm to send it all to them.

    I have my medical revue.That my shrink has to fill out.They say they will cancel what there giving me now for the 2 yrs if I don't send it.I think I'm going to send it.

  18. suzetal

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  19. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    Sue ,
    I recieved mine a couple of months ago. I had a big talk with my lawyer on Wed of last week. She is very nice. She wanted to know where I stood at my job. I just found out that they have me on leave of absence. I believe its because my FMLA ran out. But I am still giving them a Drs. note. So it has me a little confused. I pray that it comes out better than I cam imagine.

    Thanks for updating me.


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