What a BAD Day That I've Had - With No Thanks To Doc's Office!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JLH, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I haven't slept well for the last few nights due to pain and extreme fatigue. Sometimes the fatigue is so bad, that I'm just too tired to sleep? Do you find yourself that way sometimes?

    Well, I had to go to the doctor anyway this afternoon, regardless of how I felt. Today I had to go to the Electrophysiologist--the cardiologist who put my pacemaker in. He has a representative from St. Judes Medical Center at his office to hook my pacemaker up to a computer analyzer to check it out. And ... I always have to go by myself, which is a pain, because I never feel like driving.

    Anyway, his office had already called me and asked if I could come in earlier--they had a couple cancellations and the doc would have a lot of extra time before my appt.--my appt. was the last of the day. I told them that I wouldn't be able to get there any earlier than my scheduled appt. because I hadn't even started to get ready.

    Anyway, I tried to rush around and get ready. Couldn't take any "rest" breaks while getting ready. I ended up being slower than normal! When I left the house, according to the clock, I was already going to be 10 min. LATE to my originally scheduled appt.!!

    I could barely walk to my car--even with my cane. I felt dizzy and like I was going to pass out from the pain in my back.

    I had a long drive to get there, so I knew I would be able to rest a little while driving--at least I was off my legs.

    When I was entering into the city where the hospital was, I called them on my cell phone to say that I was running a little late but I would be there. I told them where I was so they would know when to expect me.

    I finally make it to the hospital. I choose their valet parking service so I don't have to park my car--I would never be able to walk from their huge parking garages!

    I walk as fast I can possibly walk, get to the elevator, up to the 4th floor, down a long hallway, and sign in. I sit there in the waiting room for 15 min. before someone behind the window yells my name.

    I make it to the window--in a lot of pain--and she tells me that my doctor is no longer in that office--he has moved to the brand new medical plaza next door!!!!!!!!! I said, "how can he do that!! he never even notified me that he had moved!! I've never seen an add in the paper where he moved!!! Anyway ... she called his office and told them that I had come to their old office building and that I was on my way over to their new offices!

    Oh, crap. Now I have to walk another long walk to where I first came in, then over next door, and up to the second floor and down another long hallway!!!

    If I had had to walk much further, they would have had to come and scrape me up with their snow plow!!!!!!!!! LOL

    When I signed in there, I mentioned that I had no idea that they had moved and that I had gone to their old offices. Did she reply, Oh--I'm so sorry that you went all the way over there? NO. NO. NO. Where was here courtesy? NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!! When I got back to the exam room, I "casually" mentioned it to the nurse who took my vitals. Again, NO RESPONSE!!! When the doc came in, I apologized for being late and told him it was because I went to the OLD OFFICES! Again, NO RESPONSE, but --that's OK.

    OH! They should have been apologizing to ME! Why weren't they telling me that THEY WERE SORRY for not notifying me of their change of office location? They don't call a day ahead of time to confirm appts. like some docs do, but when she called me to ask me to come in early, why didn't she say ... and remember, we're in our new offices! Oh!!!!

    I wouldn't have been perturbed if it hadn't been for me being in so much pain and so exhausted! I'm carrying my big purse that weighs a ton, which I know I should clean out, I'm also carrying an umbrella since it's raining outside, I haven't washed my fall jacket yet, so I didn't wear a jacket or coat and it was 45 degrees outside and I was cold, and I just plain wanted to sit down and cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the time I got home, my husband was sitting in a dark room--hadn't bothered to get up and turn the lights on. He had not eaten--I saw crackers and peanut butter on the kitchen counter. I was too tired and unable to even talk to him--I just threw my stuff down in a chair and went to quickly take all my dress clothes and shoes off and put on my lounging gown. By the time I got back to the living room, my husband had gotten up and gone to bed!!!

    OK. Now, after an awful day, he never said "Boo" to me, didn't ask how the appt. went, etc. I just think he knew he wasn't going to get any supper out of me, so he went to bed.

    Well, I didn't get any sympathy from him .... so he sure wasn't going to get me to fix him any supper, even if it was just going to be heated up leftovers!!

    So, I took a Lortab, tossed the heating pad in my recliner, and plopped down to try to escape reality for a couple hours to try to relieve just a tiny bit of this horrific pain and call it a day.

    After my TV shows were off around 11:00 pm, I came in to see what my friends were up to on the board!! And here I still am, at 2:15 a.m. (my time) and I am so numb all over that I will be lucky to make it to my bed without falling over!!

    I'm just going to pray for a better day tomorrow!!!

    Good Night All,

  2. jbennett2

    jbennett2 New Member

    I can't believe you just "mentioned" why you were late, I would be screaming at someone by that point! What a horrible experience for you.

    Take care and sleep all day!
  3. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    Sounds like you had a dreadful day. I do hope that you have a much better one today. I must say I admire you for not losing it on both the doctor's office as well as your husband. Sometimes our husband's see us feeling bad so much that they just "tune us out", not that I agree with them but I do think they care more than they let on. At least that is the way it is with mine. He just doesn't know how to express his fear that I might never be any better. Maybe that is how yours is. As for your doctors office personnel, I believe I would call my doctor and if I couldn't talk with him, at least ask to talk to the office manager and report the incident to them. Maybe it will prevent them from doing this to someone else.
    Just wanted you to know I read your post and I care.
  4. spmary

    spmary New Member

    I'm so sorry this happened to you or anyone at a doctor's office! What an uncaring bunch of professionals (???) I think I would have had to say something to the doctor about his staff (him too). I can imagine your frustration.
    Next time you make an appointment, ask if they have moved again as you don't want that to happen again. And don't say it in a nice way. Love and hope you can rest and feel better soon, Mary
  5. Angel6801

    Angel6801 New Member

    They should inform you and give you an apology and you do deserve it! Some people can sooo unproffessial.
  6. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    What a long and difficult day. I am sorry you had to experience it.

    I believe the common problem is that there is no such thing as good 'beside' manners, for the most parts. Secondly, I believe with all the changes in insurance,etc., that they move us in and move us out. Many docs and their staffs, see us asm numbers, not humans.

    Thank heavens for the professionals who do truly make a difference.

    I hope today is much better for you!

  7. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you. I must admit you have the hardest appointments for specialists. Glad I only see one and the parking is close to his office. Even with that, my husband takes a half a day off and goes with me.

    I do the driving to Richmond, and he does the driving back. I don't think he is very happy to do this. Nothing I can do about that. Because after we leave the endo's office, we go from Richmond to Colonial Heights to Lab Corp for the blood work to be drawn.

    After that we come back home.

    Anyway, I'm not surprised about your husband seeming to be depressed, eating crackers and just going to bed. In the 27 years of being married, my husband has never asked me how I feel--EVER.

    Right now he has a cough/cold and I always ask him how he feels when he gets home, but even when I had Cystitis in September, I was still expected to do normal chores, not sit in the recliner and sleep all day long like he does when he is sick. I don't get that privilege.

    Seems to me you had a really rotten day with a bunch of uncaring people. Then to get home and have your husband be in the same mood as the people you were around that day. :(

    All I can say is thankfully that appointment is over with.

    Janet, I couldn't deal with going to the hospital to see specialists by myself anymore. I just have too much anxiety about the parking problems and trying to find a place to park. My endo is the only doc I see in Richmond.

    I hope you will be able to rest today and feel better. I have to go soon to get my hair cut.

  8. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I didn't get up until 12:00 Noon today! I didn't end up getting to bed until 3:00 a.m. last night, so that's just 9 hours sleep--not that much!!

    I'm so achy all over that I feel like I have been run over my a Mack truck!!

    I just took all my morning meds--about 23 of them! So, I'm waiting for them to get in my system, and I need to eat something before I take a Lortab. I try not to take them much, but my back, hips, and legs are screaming for attention after all of that walking yesterday!

    And my poor aching foot! I broke my foot some time ago, and it took it almost a year to heal (due to my diabetes). I have developed arthritis in that area of my foot now and it hurts to walk on it much. Then, last year I broke a toe on the other foot (dropped a can on it when barefooted) and the upper part of that foot hurts, too, after walking a lot!!!

    I'm just a walking disaster!!! That's why I don't like to walk!!! Really, my feet are the least of my many worries!

    My hubby cares about me, but he just does not know how to show it. He is really shy, and I am the opposite! When I confront him and ask him WHY he doesn't ask me how my doctor appointments go, he just states that he knows that I will tell him all about it--that there is no need for him to ask me!

    I do know that I spoiled him when I felt like doing things (years ago!) and he still forgets that I just can't do it anymore.

    He goes to bed as soon as it gets dark, so actually, I think he was sitting there half asleep just waiting to see if I made it home safely. When he saw me, it was ok, so he just went to bed.

    I have always been fiercly independent and always did things by myself. However, now, the situation has changed and I really need help at times. But there is nobody around to help me now.

    My elder daughter takes me to get groceries, but now she is working and can only take me places on the weekends. No doctors are open on weekends, so I have to go by myself. It can be pretty hard sometimes -- well, most times. I just don't have any other choice.

    Every time I get home after going out alone, I normally end up crying -- and my husband tells me that I am not able to go out alone anymore -- but he never has a solution on how I am supposed to get places!!!

    Thanks, friends, for all of your support. I know I can count on all of you. I don't have any friends where I live--just my children and husband. My family lives out of town. It's nice to know that other people care.

    Much love,
  9. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    I bet you thought you would wake up any time from this bad dream! I've had events like that when I went to the wrong place - I hate it!
  10. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Yes, I felt like it was all a bad dream!! I just wanted to cry ... and I have awaken from a bad dream before crying!!!

    I didn't get up until 12 noon today, and I have felt AWFUL all day long! I know it will take me until the end of the week to recuperate from my "one day out"!!!

    I just hate bad dreams, too!
  11. Muddieanne

    Muddieanne New Member

    It seems as if no one "gets it" about our struggle.They don't care--everyone is in their own world. We expect medical personnel to be understanding and caring and some aren't,as you have experienced.

    My internist is the person I see most often and don't bother too much with specialists. They seem the least understanding.

    I'm fortunate that he is so kind to me.He suggested years ago that I get handicapped license plates without my asking.

    I read your bio& saw that you live in northeastern Kentucky.I am familar with that area and visit there because my sister[my only sibling] lives there--so far away from me.

    I had the epidurals,too. as you did and didn't get any relief for the herniated disc. I live on pain meds and do things at my own pace and at my own time.

    I hope your next dr. visit is betterIF you go again.

    Good thoughts go out to you. Marie

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