what a day!

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  1. bigmama2

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    OY VEY!!!!!!!!

    hope everyone can learn and grow from all of this drama. the world (and this board) is a diverse place. i see bumper stickers that say "coexist" (refering to all different people in this world and all of their different beliefs and religions). we must coexist, and it is hard at times.

    hope everyone gets some nice rest tonight ---

  2. Rafiki

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    Oy Vey, indeed.

    Where would you travel if you could go anywhere at all?

  3. bigmama2

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    sassy- warm bath and flannel sounds like a good combo! enjoy!

    rafiki- i have been interested in going to costa rica for a while now. i would be up for travel pretty much anywhere (as long as it was not super dangerous. semi dangerous is ok. lol.) favorite places i have been- spain esp madrid and barcelona. paris. morocco. jamaica. new york city. new orleans. austin tx. gulf coast of florida.

    places that didnt "float my boat" -germany. denmark. they were still cool, but not as awesome as the other places.

    i just moved to gulf coast of florida. and i am LOVING exploring the area, and the newness of it all, its so different from pennsylvania and i needed a change!

    travel is so enlightening. i am very lucky to have travelled so much. travel is a truly spiritual experience for me. i feel so alive and grateful to be alive and see this great fascinating earth and learn of its s peoples. nowadays i travel very rarely due to health and other stuff, but maybe in the future??

    even if someone cant travel due to health or money or no time off or no one to go with etc- one can still do "armchair traveling" by looking places up on web, reading books, travel magazines, movies, foreign movies, ethnic restaurants, meeting people from different areas or countries etc etc.

    my brother told me the "ultimate" place for me to live would be on that cruise ship called "the world" that just travels from place to place all year long. lol.

    rafiki- what are your fav places? and where would you go? any place you didnt like?

  4. Rafiki

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    I have not been to many of the places you have. I would love to go to Spain! And, Morocco! And, Paris! And, New Orleans! And, Texas!

    I love New York and live quite close so we would often go down for weekends. I've also been to Jamaica but only to Kingstown where I worked with some great Rastafari women.

    I'm not very good at coming up with favourites in anything but I love India with a passion. I also found Zanzibar absolutely fascinating. Istanbul is great as is Ephesus and Kas in Turkey. The Amazon basin is just beautiful; there are lagoons that are simply other worldly. I'm not very comfortable in Pakistan. Bangladesh is hard travel but is a remarkably beautiful country.

    Go to Costa Rica! I went to Costa Rica near the end of my long semi remission. I was not in great shape so I pretty much slept my way around the country, so to speak. I thought it would be a good place to travel alone and I was not mistaken. I started out in the Women's Centre in San Jose and got ideas from them as to where to go next and how to go there. I took buses mostly and one small plane - a puddle jumper. But, as I said, I pretty much moved to a new spot, checked in, and went to bed. I went off season so everything was very cheap. My favourite spot was Monte Verde which is (was) a small place in the rain forest but I think it's really taken off now. There were a few (now many) eco lodges, an established community of American Quakers, a coffee and crafts collective and a lot of scientists studying the flora and fauna.

    I would like to go to Bhutan very, very much! I would like to go to Nepal and visit Springwater! I would go back to India in a heartbeat.

    Ok, so, I've traveled alone in northern Thailand and into Burma - well not alone, alone, but with strangers I met there - but I'm afraid of cruise ships! How crazy is that? I don't like to be in a boat where I cannot see land. Yes, I know, crazy.

    Peace out, Bigmama,