What a difference a day makes!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by clementyne, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. clementyne

    clementyne New Member

    Yesterday my DH & I both had the day off & it was a great day! Sunny & mid 50's, so we packed up the dog & headed for a nearby national forest for some hiking.

    We both love to hike & the dog? Forget about it! He was on cloud nine!
    I bring a book along and when I gauge I have gone as far as I can & still get back, I find a comfy spot & read until my boys come back to get me. Yesterday, though, I walked the whole course & kept up! Didn't have to stop to rest even once & didn't take any pain meds!

    I know this is due to the Savella & I am so grateful to have found something that works!

    Today, it is cold & rainy & I can feel the barometric change in my body & yet it is still much better than before. Instead of lying in bed trying to decide if getting up to go to the bathroom will be worth the pain, I am snuggled up in my favorite chair watching old movies!

    I am blessed!
  2. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    It was SO sunny today, that I put my snowshoes on and went for a walk (I'm in Alaska and we have had record snowfall this year). The trail isn't very long and it pretty easy. But the VIEWS! My husband and I walked through the forest in deep snow. We even saw a snowshoe hare! And the silence was amazing. Soon we discovered we were on flat ground. But it felt...different. We looked and we had left the forest and were in the middle of the lake! My husband was convinced we were going straight to the bottom, but I assured him it was only 17 degrees and there was plenty of ice. What amazes me is that I made it, didn't have pain meds and didn't stop but twice (my shoe fell off). But I am going to do that as much as I can!

  3. harboreen

    harboreen Member

    It's great to hear of the good days too isn't it!
    Here's to more of the same- to all!
  4. clementyne

    clementyne New Member

    for your enthusiasm for my good days! I am so grateful for them - however long they last!

    I have never been to Alaska but it is on my Bucket List! I am picturing my own walk wearing snow shoes!

    The grocery store tends to wear me out. I think its the concrete floors - not to mention all the lifting in and out!

    Here's to better days for us all!
  5. clementyne

    clementyne New Member

    I've been there! I stopped shopping @ Walmart & started shopping @ Target because, for me @ least, it is a more pleasant experience. The cashiers @ Target are friendlier & more helpful & I think the aisles are better. Of course they are a bit more expensive but it's worth it to me.
    I often cried afterwards & in the store I was always so self conscious. I have a handicapped sticker & I would always think that people were thinking "Look @ her, she's not handicapped!" I wanted to tell them they should see me on my way out when I could barely walk.
    I was always beating myself up to - telling myself that I was lazy, but you know what? Now that I'm feeling better I realize just how bad I really felt & that has relieved me so much! I'm not lazy ... I'm not doing this to myself ... it isn't all in my head! I know Savella might not work forever but for as long as it does, I'm going to make the most of it!

    I don't know if I'd want to live in Alaska but I would so love to spend some time there. There's a line in an old song that says ' Peace of mind is all I'm after' and that is what I'm after! So I imagine myself, somewhere secluded in a house overlooking a lake, surrounded by trees with a lovely garden (and a gardener!), the scent of lavender on the breeze ....

    Thank you for your good wishes ... and in return I wish you peace.

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