What a great spiritual weekend

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by RoseTx, Apr 7, 2002.

  1. RoseTx

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    Our church has General conference twice a year. The Church Leaders speak and their talks are broadcast world wide. I spent Saturday afternoon and all day today just listening to the talks. It was so uplifting. It was just a great feeling for me. Now, I guess we will see if I can be a doer of the Word and not just a listener. Heavenly Father has been so good to me in the past two months. I know He knows my sorrows and has just carried me through. I am so grateful to my Saviour and so thankful to have had so much support and love from all of my friends here. Just wanted to say, I love you. Hugs, Rose
  2. JUDY

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    I'm glad you had a nice week-end. I think about you often and wonder how you are doing. I always enjoy reading your posts. I'm glad you have the faith to see you through. Take care. Judy
  3. Harmony

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    Hi Rose,
    It's good to hear from you and so happy to hear you had such a great weekend. Church conferences like that are always so refreshing and uplifting and I know it has meant a lot to you. I know these past two months have not been easy for you but it is encouraging to hear how God has been your strength. God has also given you so many good friends that care for you. That is a blessing. I'm continuing to keep you in my prayers, Rose.
  4. Shirl

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    I would venture to say you have always been a 'doer of the Word', I have read a lot of your friend Lil's post about you for a year now. So I take what I have read of you to know that you are one fine lady at all times!

    Glad you enjoyed your day, and pray for many more for you.

    The love goes both ways, we love you too.

    God Bless,

    Shalom, Shirl