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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by MelaC, Nov 22, 2006.

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    What a pain 11/22/06 08:26 AM

    Hi all I really need to vent. I had a total hip replacement done at the beginning of April, I was house bound from the pain. Well it hasn't been going very well. 2 months ago I went through every test, scan and sonar possible to find out why I am still in so much pain and why my mobility is almost zero. There was no infection in the bone, this was a concern as I had to have emergency surgery to have my very septic gallbladder removed and the orthopedic specialist was worried the infection may have gotten into it.Thanks heavens that was not the case. He did 2 asperations which did nothing he even did a block and that did nothing. 6 weeks ago he said that there was too much tension on the outer muscle which was causing the prosthesis to pull to far away from the hip joint and this was what was causing the pain and a nerve was pinched under my femarol artery so he operated to fix the tension and he severed the nerve that was pinched. But I have exactly the same pain and my mobility is no better. Every step makes me want to cry, I cant sleep at night as the pain is so severe. I spoke to him and he said I must give it time, alot has been done on it and it needs time to heal.I must wait until the new year and if there is no improvement he will follow it up.

    I get that but I dont get that the pain is not getting any less or that my mobility is so poor. I trust the specialist with my life he is very good at what he does. He did my other hip replacement and I had no problems within 6 months a was walking properly, he also did my knee replacement and that also went fine. I just dont get it.

    Have any of you ever had the gut feel when something is wrong. I do and have never been wrong and my gut feel tells me something is just not right with the prosthesis but doctors being doctors favour science rather than what we tell them and right now its driving me nuts. I have been put on an antinflamatory called Prestige which does nothing for me. Unfortunately for me I have a long case history and am allergic to alot of medication which makes prescribing medication very difficult.I have tried heat and gentle exercise, its reached the stage where I dont know what to do, think or feel anymore. The New year is not so far and yet when you have to wait that long it feels like forever.

    I used to be able to take long walks, clean my house go for long drives with hubby but cant at the moment, I feel so trapped and cant see a way out.

    Sorry its so long and drawn out. I generally cope very well with what comes my way but right now its proving very, very tough. To those of you who have read this thank you.

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  2. Cromwell

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    I think you posted on the chit chat board instead of the health board.

    You will get more replies by posting on the health board. Sorry for your troubles and pain. Love Annie
  3. MelaC

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    hi thanks Annie. New here still finding my way.
  4. Marta608

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    Personally, I'm with you. You need support but you're not discussing CFS or FM. I would have posted on this same board. For good measure, post on the other board too.

    I know exactly what you mean by your gut telling you that something isn't right. Our guts do not lie. As discouraged as you are, rightfully so, please don't give up paying attention to it. "Something" is NOT right. Perhaps time will be helpful as the doctor says but then they don't live our lives so it's easy for them to say. When our doctors dismiss our complaints it makes us feel very alone.

    I suppose we must remember that our anxiety isn't helpful no matter how hard it is to control. I don't know what you use to comfort yourself, whether you have a religious faith or a spiritual side, but prayer and affirmations help me a lot. I have one affirmation that I especially like: Everything I need to know is revealed to me. Everything I need comes to me. All is well.

    How about using something like this or Bible verses and repeat them over and over to yourself? Give yourself special treats as you can. Let your sons and husband help you by telling them what you need, then being graciously appreciative. Practice meditation and/or use relaxation techniques once an hour. Breathe! Visualize yourself walking, doing the things you love to do.

    I may not be suggesting anything you haven't tried, but sometimes it helps to hear it anyway.

  5. MelaC

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    Hi Marta thanks for the post. I am a deep believer and I believe God doesn't give us anything we can't cope with. I think my hip is just getting to me as I have so many other health issues to cope with. As a rule I am very upbeat and cope extremely well I actually think I have FM as well My orthopedic specialist has said as much on a number of occasions and that could be causing the added pain, I have never been treated for it. I am seeing my GP tomorrow and hopefully he will be able to sort me out.

    I am very blessed in that I have a wonderful and supportive husband. My boys are also great and help me alot.

    I have a saying and that is "as long as I can smile I am still okay, the day I stop smiling is the day I worry".

    Thanks again all the best.
  6. MelaC

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    Hi donnai thanks for the post. We have a pool in the garden but the pump broke so I cant use it. I agree it would be much easier to do my exercises in the pool. I just need to get my hubby to get it sorted then maybe I can make some headway.