What a strange weekend..(warning, LONG)

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    Well folks, this has been an interesting weekend. It started when I went to bed after midnight on Friday and was still able to wake up at 7:45AM on saturday. No ill effects, other than being a little sleepy.


    So the day goes on. My mum, gramma, and I went to a local craft fair (why I had to get up so early) and I was the only one to buy anything. Not too strange...but different.

    We come home for a short break and my DAD plays with my mum's singing penguin christmas decoration. Dad is usually quite bah humbug, especially this early in the year. Quite strange for our household.

    We go to Kentucky, and nothing strange happens for a while until we get to the mall. Outside Abercrombie & Fitch was this male model wearing only jeans and barely a jacket. O_O VERY strange.

    From what I can recall, nothing else strange happened yesterday except for me running out of digestive enzymes.

    Then, TODAY. I woke up with my stomach still working on last night's dinner coz of the lack of enzymes. So, I didn't feel too well, and ended up only missing church by about 5 minutes -_- but my parents had to leave without me or they would've been late. Not strange though, this has happened before.

    I decide instead of going back to bed to make myself useful and sort through some old beads I had. I FOUND TWO DEAD BUGS! I almost died. I don't hate many things, but bugs are on that short list...dead ones were worse, I think. This put me in a foul mood, but eventually the bead sorting went routine and my mind wandered, thinking how strange it would've been if my cousin showed up to church today and I wasn't there. (We haven't talked for a long time, family troubles, and I've been mad at him since.)

    Parents come home from church, nothing out of the ordinary...until the phone rings. Strange that I think the number belongs to my cousin's girlfriend. I go out to the family room to see who it was, and my mum says "I didn't want to tell you...but your cousin was at church today and he's coming to visit. He thought it would make you feel better."

    HOLY GOD! I was disturbed, deeply. Odd enough that I would even consider he was at church, but that he actually was. I was in tears, really. I didn't know how to act since I wanted to chuck the nearest heavy object at him, but I knew I'd never be able to do that since as much as I like to think I do, I don't have an entirely mean-spirited bone in my body. Fortunately, my best friend called right after that and I was able to talk to her and calm down before he showed up.

    It was awkward, but I made it through, and the tension relaxed by the time he left (1-1.5 hours) and I didn't even bring up I was mad at him. It's hard to stay mad at someone you love, even if you don't want to admit it.

    It's been a strange weekend. I mean really. Oh oh, and there was the solid black helicopter that flew over my house and hovered over my roof for a few minutes. O_O

    So, now I sit here sick, holding my stained tea mug and wrapped in my ducky blanket, and wondering just what the heck happened. How did I manage to last through all that? I have a headache and a bad stomachache to show for it, but I feel some better now that I've written this and have my mint tea in hand. I'm EXHAUSTED though. The time change didn't set well with me. They never do, it must be something in the air.

    Well, this was quite long, but I thought maybe someone would find this interesting, and maybe one of you has a strange weekend to share as well.

    Hugs from the ducky one,
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    It sounds like you had a fun weekend! Weird? I don't know what was so weird about it but it seemed like you had a good one!

    There are a lot of helicopters out there so I wouldn't put much stock in it "hovering" over your house.

    Anyway, glad you had fun at the craft fair and got to see your cousin.

    Have a good week!


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