What a Week

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FibroTart, Jul 27, 2006.

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    Hello...was doing really well and having a halfway decent summer for the first time in a while..

    started the FFC in FEB this year and went from barely doing anything but sitting in my recliner and bed and doing the absolute least amount of housework and childcare(3kids) possible without completely neglecting them

    to being able to take them to their grandma's (7-8hr trip) by myself swim lessons...and not crying every day...I have even lost around 30 pounds!!

    So we decided to make a day trip to six flags for my children(they have never been to an amusement park)
    I Used to love to ride roller coasters and anything wild..

    But I was good and I did not RIDE anything justwalked everywhere and watched my kids have fun with there dad and take pictures.....I was SO jealous...and it made for a lousy mood BECAUSEE I WAS ALSO IN INTENSE PAIN...

    As the day wore on it got worse and worse, my husband kept saying you want to go but I did not want to take all the joy away from my kids they were having a blast!

    And they are all like "my old me" they love the roller coasters including the three year old...she would be mad and scream if she was not allowed to ride one.

    Needless to stay I could not move that night or the next day..it was starting to get back to "my normal"

    When BAM Last night I was hit with a kidney stone...what luck...My husband works nights..his breaks in his car was out so I let him use mine

    I was home alone with three kids crying wishing to get to the ER...

    Called my husband...he was at work by himself...no one to relieve him his boss on vacation and he is thirty minutes away....

    I have had kidney stones before, Three confirmed but possibbly some smaller ones too, most just pass through...I have had only one of them blasted..it was too big to pass...

    You know I am oxycodone 20 mg two a day and the PAIN was horrendous......

    My husband got home the next am but my doc did not have time to see me til 4pm....UGH!!

    well I had pain meds ...I just wanted to have confirmation and antibiotic because those things are like nasty little sandspurs and they cause infections...

    Everytime you get one you need to have antibiotic..ANYWAY she checked my urine sur enough...blood and 1000's of bacteria"quote unquote" she said she said if I do or if I did have a stone I Have a Nasty UTI regardless.....

    I now have antibiotic, burning pain med and nausea meds to go along with the rest of my stash!!

    So she gave me options to go ahead and have the IVP OR see if I can pass it on my own and call her back on MONDAY and she would set it up(to see if it is too big to pass)

    Well I figured OK I have my pain meds- husband took off work til Sunday I can do this lets see if I can pass this thing.....

    SO everyone say a little prayer and cross your fingers...I need to get back to normal...school starts soon:(

    JUST VENTING.....needing to vent a little...sorry so long..
    How was your week??

    I am going to lie down for awhile....thanks for replying/reading....in advance...Keep you posted....
  2. tata1580

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    this stone deal does not have fun at all...and I hope this too will come to pass..and we can call you I.P. Freely!!!

    Lovc and prayers to you!!

    I am so glad you got to see your kids faces at the park...that should be good medicine to draw on!

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