what about artificial sweetners?...

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  1. jamedw1

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    i'm just curious how things like nutra sweet or saccharin affect the system...
    are they a viable alternative to regular sugar... and not just from the caloric point of view...
    or are they reactive in some way to the system...
    still reading... :)
  2. kellbear

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    Anything "man-made" is not good. Our bodies are so sensative to things anyway. My Neurologist says that Aspertame is a nightmare on your body. Good to just stay clear. There is a better alternative to sugar substitutes. I think the name is Stevia
  3. Mikie

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    Is the only known safe alternative; it is a natural antioxidant. Problem is that it isn't as good as sugar.

    Neutrasweet (aspertame) is considered very dangerous stuff. Splenda is made with chlorine and isn't considered safe.

    SomerSize is the newest entry into the sweetners. I use it as I believe it is probably safe, but there are no guarantees. It was approved by the FDA before there were long studies done; however since it's approval, there have been no health problems in the original lab animals tested. The manufacturer claims to have improved the formula to make it even safer. Suzanne Somers claims it is five times as sweet as sugar and can be used in cooking. I find it about three times as sweet. Her SomerSize dessert recipes use the SomerSweet in them.

    Love, Mikie
  4. baby-bear

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    OM Gosh....they put me in the sack with raging headaches and acid like pain...of course I have multiple chemical sensitivity which means no sugar, carbs, or starches or even artificial sweetners. They have lactose and dextrose in them. That is so bad..its chemicals...so beware..do you have reactions to the sweetners? If so, cut them out and you will feel better...Love Pammy
  5. Plantscaper

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    I have ordered a sweetener called Xylitol, which should be better to use for baking and cooking than Stevia..it does have more carbs, however, than Stevia but less than sugar...and is, suppose to be good for your teeth and gums..

    If you do a search on alternative sweeteners, you will bring up more solutions for sweeteners....I am going to use the a non-carb Stevia for the low carb times during my day, and use the slightly higher carb in Xylitol for a very limited (one hour) high carb meal... To Good Health~~~~AMELIA
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  6. TerriM

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    That nutrasweet forms formaldehyde in the gastrointestinal tract which is very dangerous. Many of us have specific problems with Nutrasweet (as well as Monosodium Glutatmate -- MSG -- not a sweetener, but an additive). Dr. Teitlebaum's book From Fatigued to Fantastic talks about the chemical relationship between MSG & Nutrasweet . . . due to the fact that many of us have neuro-excitotoxicity caused by excess glutamate neurotransmitter in the brain, these items just exaccerbate the problem. Hope this helps . . . Terri
  7. Mikie

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    All our food is chemicals. Everything on earth is chemically based. Lactose and dextrose are just different types of sugar, as is anything which ends in "ose." Our bodies metabolize all carbs as sugars in the end, but they are metabolized at different rates in different ways. The trick is knowing which carbs are OK. We need some carbs, but a low-carb diet usually is better for us. Low glycemic fruit goes through the digestive system more slowly and does not produce insulin spikes like sugar does. It's a good choice for carbs.

    Most processed food contains man-made chemical combinations or they use chemicals in processing which aren't good for us. For instance, Splenda uses chlorine to process it and the chlorine is present in the finished product. Chlorine isn't good for us. BTW, using bleached coffee filters is the greatest source of chlorine we get. It is better to use the brown ones. Chlorine in swimming pools enters our bodies through the openings and the skin.

    You can do a web search and read how bad Neutrasweet (Aspertame) is. Evidently, it is not stable at warmer temperatures and produces different unhealthy chemicals.

    Trying to do the right thing isn't easy. Even "organic" produce often contains harmful pesticides. Our water supplies often contain antibiotics which are excreted in our urine and not removed in the water-treatment process. I have a double water filter in my kitchen with an ultra violet light to kill pathogens.

    Love, Mikie
  8. jamedw1

    jamedw1 New Member

    thank you so much...
    as for aspartame changing into formaldehyde...
    guess i'll be saving the "embalmer" a step... :)
    thanks again...
    G H and the such...
  9. Gardengal

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    I finally had to face the fact that all artificial sweetners will put me in a flare-up. Giving up Diet Coke is one of the hardest things I have had to do - and I still fall off the "bandwagon" occasionally - and I ALWAYS pay the price. Now, just looking at a diet soda makes me feel sick. Of course, after more than 1/2 a lifetime of using artificial sweetners I have to use so much sugar in my tea to reach to same intense sweetness. I was the original TAB consumer - and still like it to this day!

    The other posters are correct - Nutrasweet turns into formaldyhyde (sp?)after a certain amount of time, exposure to high temps, and in your body. Good Luck! Amy
  10. KimWeb

    KimWeb New Member

    Have any suggestions on going cold turkey? I have been dinking diet soda for 18 years! First Tab & then Diet coke. I have tried so many times to stop. I have terrible withdrawls every time. Help!
  11. shazz

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    They say to measure and use it just like sugar, but I find it a bit sweeter than real sugar so cut back a little.
    I absolutely cannot tolerate nutrasweet, I think the stuff is poison and I truly believe it caused me to have horrible anxiety attacks in the past.
    I have this dreadful feeling that they will come up with something that is wrong with Splenda in the future, as they do with most sweetners, but for now I find it to be wonderful and have had no problems.
    Giving up pop is a hard thing to do, I was a big addict years ago. Watch the caffeine withdrawal, it can be nasty, I had headaches for days when first quitting.
    Best of luck.

  12. elaine_p

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    Kim - I stopped Diet Coke last year. What I did was drink unsweetened grapefruit juice instead. But that didn't seem to do the trick as well as I'd hoped, so I drank 2 regular Cokes a day even though it's definitely not the same (and, hey, 2 cokes is better than 4-6 diet cokes!). When I started having a prob with sugar I switched to carbonated water. You can add a slice of lemon or lime, or even buy it flavored that way. (Watch the trendy carb/flavored water, as lots of them have sugar.)

    Ed - You can buy powdered fructose at the grocery store. I figure that's better than Splenda or Equal, though who knows. But at least it's a naturally occurring sugar! Someone here said that fructose is hard on the stomach, though.... I'm going to buy some Stevia next time I go to the health food store.