what about exercise?????

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    I just got the "official" dx this week. (knew it all along). So now how to be the best I can be. But how do I lose weight when everytime I do any activity I end up hurting even more? I live where there is a clubhouse with indoor pool and hot tub, but don't like going there. I like to exercise privately,either walking, riding my tricycle,or indoors-my recumbent stationery bike.
    First of all I feel too rotten to exercise and then also I know it's gonna hurt later. I also know if I lost some pounds it would help me.
    I am hoping that I will learn how to do some activity that will not be too painful. I would like to hear what other people like us do to exercise..

    . Aching in Oregon

  2. lin21

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    I exercised daily and then the fibro came. when the doctor told me to exercise I thought he was crazy, I said to him "how can I exercise if I can't even hold a cup of tea'.
    but I started slowly on my couch with light weights. I was doing fine and then a flare and then it was like I had to start all over again.
    I haven't exercised in months, but I'm starting religously again next week. My only problem is that if I do exercise that will probably be the only thing I do all day. But I'm more important than anything else these days.
    Just note my doctor says swimming is the best, so late last summer we put in the pool the few times I was in it I felt good even though I was exhausted afterwards. You should try to at least sit in the water it helps.
    Good luck!!!
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    because I have a lot of resistance to being pressured, nagged, and shamed into doing something conformist. Before I became sick, or rather--REALLY SICK---I went hiking, went to a free movement dance group weekly, and did a lot of gardening, cleaning and other activities which were actually giving my body more movement and 'exercise' than the more formal workout or specially designed stuff which has been pushed during the last two decades.

    I've been gradually getting back into a lot of purposeful activities, such as walking a mile in a super-market picking up the items I need. Also, I've been doing some much needed sorting and cleaning--very slowly and stopping at the first feeling of getting tired. This is gentle and enjoyable since I have the feeling of accomplishment, which is a reward and something I don't have when walking on a treadmill. (I've also found walking on a treadmill valuable, when I needed to rebuild conditioning from a near-zero point.) But, for me, getting bored with an activity--even knowing it is good for me will eventually make it impossible for me to continue it; while gently and slowly doing something which requires some lifting, walking, and stretching--helps me to stay active and accomplish something, at the same time.

    Also, I need to guard against the tendency to go overboard, when I'm enjoying activity, and in getting 'lost' in the enjoyment--to overdo it and take it to an extreme!

    I've developed a four stage scale of distinguishing when it is time to stop: (1) Tired; (2) Fatigued; (3) Exhausted; (4)Collapse. I've learned to recognize when I am tired and to stop then and rest until I can continue again. Learning to pace myself in this way, means becoming much more sensitively aware of my body.

    Easy to say--but very difficult to do. For me, anyway!

    So--I'm learning to forget about 'exercise'and returning to do physical activities I enjoy--slowing and gently. And I'm learning to pace myself sensitively.

    Good luck, Aching. This is an extremely puzzling and difficult condition to care for and treat. I doubt any of us do it perfectly. And, remember it is a relapsing condition. When we are in remission, we may believe we've got it under control due to something we are doing or not doing, only to relapse again despite the best of care.

    I'm learning to stock myself with wonderful books and other media to enjoy until I can get back into gentle activity.

    Best of good fortune to you on your journey of through these times!

    With love, Dorothy
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    hi there

    I got a pilates dvd a few months ago - I'd tried yoga before and pulled every muscle in my body but this is more gentle.

    It's called 'body control pilates' and it's about building your core strength and stretching tight muscles and it does make a bit of a diffrence for about half an hour after I'm done.

    I find it is helping with my coordination a bit aswell. I think I'm just becoming more mindful of how I move and try to remember to do so correctly.

    I work with people with learning difficulties and do a session with them once a week. I have found that it is helping with those with dyspraxia aswell.

    I'm being very careful not to overdo it but am doing the warm up excercises 2/3 times a week when feeling relatively ok. It's only been a couple of months but so far so good. not really helping with pain at this stage but doesn't seem to be making it any worse and I get a bit of gentle excersise too.

    I think thats the key really - a little bit of very gentle excersise as often as you can then if it feels ok, build it up. I used to be a sports freak before all this and it has been a frustrating search for suitable excersise.

    I do like to swim as long as the water is warm, maybe give it a go occasionally? It does relax my muscles for a while afterwards and i certainly sleep better the following night.

    Hope you find something that's good for you.
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    I do exercize when I can, but exercize was my whole life before my diagnosis a few years back. What I do is ride my exercize bike and cross country skate ski, very gently. Just getting out there makes me feel better for awhile. Yes I pay for it later. Yesterday, I did 4 k's with my puppy and had to sleep for 4 hours afterward.

    Just wanted you to know that you may not feel better when you lose weight. I feel just rotten, and I'm skinny!!
    Best of luck,
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    Your letter was the best advice I could get. I have always been so hard on myself and ignore my body's messages to slow down or take a break.
    Right now I guess I'm in a flare-just can't seem to get anything done. I read about moving every 20 minutes-and I think that helps.
    Still trying to come to grips with the fact that I just can't do what I used to. Your letter has helped me to let go of some of the guilt that I lay on myself. Thank you.