What About Therapeutic Massages? Helpful or Not?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MsE, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. MsE

    MsE New Member

    For Mother's Day, one of my daughters gave me a gift certificate for two therapeutic massages at a local wellness clinic. After each of them, I initiallly felt bery good, but within eight hours moved into a CFS exacerbation.

    What has been your experience with massages? Is it coincidence on my part, or are they problematic?
  2. MsE

    MsE New Member

    The therapist was very gentle. I had told her ahead of time that I had CFS and lots of aches and pains. But I was whopped with an exacerbation anyway. I get the impression that you think it might ease if I continued. Is that right, Jam?
  3. MsE

    MsE New Member

    Okay. Thanks for the input. I'll think about it. They are very expensive, but perhaps, in the long run, worth it? I will be watching to see if anyone posts with a different outlook. Thanks again.
  4. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    Massages bring toxins to the surface even for normal people.

    To the extent that CFS is caused by toxins, anything that stirs them up would seem likely to have an effect on our health.

    The usual recommendations with regard to massages are to drink a whole lot of water afterwards to wash the released toxins out.

    You might also consider something like Epsoms salts baths, which my doctor recommended to me for detoxification after the neural therapy he's done on me. (Several cups of Epsoms salts, a cup or two of baking soda, and moderately warm water.)
  5. MsE

    MsE New Member

    I knew about drinking lots fo water, but I didn't know about the epsom salts baths. Thanks for the hint.

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