What about WEIGHT GAIN, am I the only one?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jstbrznby, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. jstbrznby

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    As if loosing myself and the pain aren't enough, I have gained so much weight and it happened overnight it seems. I have ridden race horses for a living the better part of my life until I had a neck injury bring my life to a screaching halt. NOW, I have blown up like a heleum balloon, has anyone else had this happen? I try to loose it but I am not having much luck as this whole 'low self esteeem' thing doesn't help. And not having the strength to exzcercise like I want to has created a vicous circle. My Dr. felt I was suffering from depression (to which I was in major denial of looking back on it)I was thin and had gotten even thinner at that point so he put me on Paxil, now I have found out that Paxil defenitly puts the weight on you. And this loosing your identity is a whole other issue, I just can't adjust to being so alone and worthless, if I died tomorrow I don't think any of my friends or family would notice for a long time. Back to my question though, is this weight gain thing part of it or is this just my delima? Really appreciate any ideas on this, and thanks. HUGS to all.......Pam
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    I personally do not have this problem. I have a lot of nausea, which keeps my appetite down. However, I used to belong to a CFS/FM support group, and I noticed that the vast majority of participants were significantly overweight. You mentioned that you were an athlete, now you're not. Your eating habits probably haven't changed, even though your activity level has gone into the toilet. My best advice is to consider possibly the Atkins Diet, some of the folks out there can suggest other diets that are healthy and will help you get your weight down. We just can't realistically expect to eat like a "normal" person when we're hardly burning any energy.

    The other thing you might consider is switching from Paxil to Zoloft or something else that might be kinder to your waistline.

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  3. teawah

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    I am tired of feeling so fat. The only thing that makes it tolerable is the fact that my hubby thought I was too thin and he says he LIKES my big butt. OMG, I could puke if I looked at it too long.

    Oh well, I just do what I can do to exercise and learn that I am not what I look like on the outside, I am what I am on the inside. I have to love me anyway. DD or not.

  4. LErdman

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    Pam, I have also gained weight! I used to walk my dogs every day for 1 to 2 hours and now I do not have the strength. I also ride horses and love it but people cannot seem to understand that you want to do these things so bad but cannot and that is why we become depressed!

    I even tried Atkins but I was eating way to many calories and I am not burning any. I know taking antidepressants make it hard to lose weight but they at least help me get through the day without crying every minute.

    I do not have the answer but I would like to be 100 times more active than I am now. Went from being in great shape to being a couch potatoe.
  5. jstbrznby

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    I am so nauseas most of the time that eating doesn't interest me, however, what that does is make foods that are soft or take little digestion look good to me. Unfortunately, these aren't the greatest for the waistline.
    I suffer from IBS now as well and its symptoms leave me feeling pretty lousy as well.

    And, I quite taking the anti-depressants aver a year ago, for one thing when WC dropped me the cost of meds became prohibitive.

    Thanks so much for your reply....Pam
  6. bejo

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    I have to have war with myself daily to keep my weight down.Anti-depressants!I take elavil and it makes you have a bigger appetite.About 4 years ago I fought the battle with me and was able to lose down where I wanted to be.I have OA in my knees and the extra weight was painful to them.The weight loss has helped my knees and my self esteem too.But it's a constant battle.The depression does get bad, doesn't it?I also fight that daily.I don't think that I am winning that battle very often though.This is a very lonely disease.((((((())))))) bejo
  7. ozgran

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    I am naturally a fatty and used to walk 1 hour each day to help keep weight down a bit. Now I find it very difficult even tho' Drs say I must when possible. I also gained weight with Zoloft and stopped and started on it.I am better on the Zoloft so have decided that is what must be and when I finally feel a bit better I can try and do something more definite about excerise.I have managed to shed 3 kilos. Not much but at least a start.It is awful gaining weight I know, but many others here have problems too, so again we are not alone. Love Ozgran.
  8. Frackie11382

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    No, Pam, you are not the only one. I was down to a VERY underweight 20-yr-old weight of 87 pounds at the last week of August. Since that time I have gained like MAD!! My boyfriend found stretch marks on the back of my thigh! (Yikes! On the beach! GASP!) I'm on Rememeron 15mg at night for sleep and the weight thing. I guess I outta tell how much I weigh now, huh. I've gained somewhere around 20-25 lbs. By my estimation I should be somewhere around 117 right now. I had to buy a whole new wardobe b/c none of my clothes fit anymore! lol. I hope I don't get too much more weight on me b/c I'm 5'2" and I like where I am even though I have a kangaroo joey sleeping in my belly pouch at all times! LOL. Anyways, to those who had the underweight problem then switched to even "slightly" overweight...what are you're reactions. Some days I'm umping for joy, others, i'm crying because i'm fat and none of my clothes fit me anymore. (Size 3 to a Size 7, almost into a 9) (Went from a 34 B to a 36 C bra size.) And my boyfriend says that "I got back!" lol.

    Friends in Fibro,

  9. FibroNan

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    For years and years, I weighed between 105 and 110. Over the past year (since I've been on Paxil and several other meds.) I have packed on the pounds. I'm up to 144 now. My husband always told me that I needed to gain some weight but I don't think he had this much in mind, ha! I'm only 5'3 and small boned, so the weight really makes a difference. The good thing is that I've finally got big breasts but I've also got big everything else too. I don't even like to look at myself in the mirror anymore.
  10. jstbrznby

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    brings it on. I had been off work since '95' when I got hurt, I had actually lost weight and then in '99' I started gaining out of the blue ( to the tune of about 45 lbs.). BUT, the one thing I thought started it were the anti-depressants such as Paxil, and after reading your replies it would appear that maybe you all have noticed this as well.
    And, believe me I know that in reality this is the least of our problems it may seem but its effect on our self esteem let alone the health issues make it a viable concern, or at least I believe it does.
    I can't tell you the shock I went into when my Dr suggested that my weight gain was contributing to the pain in my knees, feet, and lower back. I had never been so humiliated, weight,in my line of work, has always been an issue and when I was riding races I dieted every waking moment of my life to stay around 116. But it was easy for me to maintain 120-125 so I didn't obsess about it anymore til NOW. SO any assistance will be humbley welcomed!
    HUGS to everyone, Pam
  11. lmn

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    no, you're definitely not the only one!!!!
    I gained about 30 lbs. from paxil, and lost 10 last year. It's been a struggle trying to lose this last 20 lbs.
    I've tried Atkins, and Sugarbusters with no luck. The plans are so restrictive, to me anyway, that I couldn't stick with it.
    Last week I decided to take a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day. I'm also adapting Sugarbusters and Atkins into a plan I can live with. I'm eating whole grains for breakfast, with fruit for a mid morning snack and an afternoon snack. Lunch and dinner consist of protein and veggies. I'm trying to avoid all refined sugars, with one exception: I'm allowing myself to have 1 frozen mocha coffee per week.
    The hardest thing is avoiding potatoes, rice, and other starchy vegetables. I suppose just a couple of bites wouldn't hurt though.
    Anyway, I wish you luck. Let me know how you're doing no matter how you decide to proceed.
    Take care,
  12. Tibbiecow

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    When I went off elavil because I was eating more than my horse and still depressed my doc and I decided on an ssri. Lets see, we thought, there's paxil, zoloft, prozac. What's cheap or can I get samples of? The answer was the makers of zoloft give out oodles of samples so that's what I'm on. So my appetite is OK now, not so bad. I also cook about a pound of green beans, butter 'em up good and eat that first- good for your daily bathroom habits and takes the edge off your hungries before you eat the rest of your food. Zoloft doesn't help with the sleep, though, it wires me if I take it at night, I had to cut my dose way down and I had to go on klonipin. Hope this helps!
  13. Bellesmom

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    Had just lost some weight, by choice, when I suddenly became ill with this syndrome. Over the past 2, almost 3 years, I have gained about 23 pounds. I am not quite 5'1" so it shows and makes me sad. But I am in bed all the time and when I eat I don't care what it is as long as it goes down.

    Unlike most of you I only take Vioxx so it's not the meds, it's just the inactivity. And you might say my age has something to do with it but I was more able to control it when I could move around and do things. This is one of the hardest things for me is to gain weight. But I decided early on I would not worry about that.

    I think my naturopath is gonna try to put me on a "good" diet next visit but I enjoy a cup of coffee and I enjoy a sweet roll when there's nothing fixed. I don't feel like fixing a "meal" and I know a lot of you are like me so you just don't bother. I'm home alone because my husband works 2nd shift so I just eat a little something every 3 hours or so and it works for me, so far.

    I love the subjects you folks pick!!!

    Spanaway, WA
  14. mellow

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    Hi Pam. I have been on Paxil since last September 20mgs. once a day. I haven't put on any weight but I really think it depends on the person as to the side effects we get. I know a lot of people complain of weight gain on anti-depressants. I hate to hear you say you are alone and worthless. Are your friends and family aware of how you feel? Do you see them regularly? Maybe Paxil isn't the right med. for you. Can you speak to your doctor about this - he may be able to help. Luv Mellow
  15. dacer

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    i took remeron and BIG mistake. 30lbs in 20 days. if you are going to take a new medicaiton make sure you have a list of questions for side affects you dont want to experiance. like weight gain, hair loss, stomach kindey or liver damge. gaining the wight will make you carzy and if you try a steroid to lose it you might gain more, and your metabolism has now slowed down and it will take a while to get it jump started again. take something besides paxil, paxil wont help you for the depression and other things if it makes you more depressed because you have gained weight. i know how you feel. if ou feel hungry all the time the medicine is not for you. remeron did that to me. and my cousin. i will try and find out what she took, she lost he weight quickly when she went on a particlular medicine that helps more than jsut losing wight, losing was a side affect to the meds. mine i lost after i stopped taking the remeron. but still ahve hard time with metabolism. good luck
  16. jstbrznby

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    helped me immensley and I sure am not an isolated victim am I? Woukln't it be great to find a way to deal with this? I know I am just like Pam when it comes to not caring what I eat just get soemthing down and forget about it! I sure don't obsess about food but it probably doesn't help to not care either. AND, the weight came on me like overnight, I quit taking Paxil, but I have never been able to loose the weight again . AND, I feel it is definetly because I can't go at the pace I use to, but I don't exactly lay around all the time either. I am looking forward to hearing what Dacer finds out thid delima of loosing the weight! I think we could do a whloe board off of just figuring out how to deal with this 'catch 22' delima we are in!LOL Good point to, dacer, how the heck do we loose the weight when they give us anti-depressants then the weight comes on and 'O yes that is a bigt boost in the Ol' self esteem corner'!! I was so skinny that my doctor just knew I was depressed and put me on Paxil but never told me I might put weight on! I am glad, mellow that it hasn't affected you this way. I am sure it did me because I was having hell beyond belief and getting sicker all the time. Now I just want to know how to JUMP START my metabolism again! OK I have bent your ear enough ..Thank you so much for all your support, I hope we are giving each other some everyday! HUGS......Pam
  17. Jazmynann

    Jazmynann New Member

    I have also gained a lot of weight. I have had FMS for 10 years and have gained 100 pounds. I am so depressed. I have tried everything. Two months ago I joined Curves, an exercise program for Woman, it is the only exercise that I've found that doesn't hurt me more. I have lost about 8 inches and only 2 pounds. Does anyone have any suggestions.
    My doctor just changed me from Zolof to (sorry fobro fog has set in and I can't remember the name of my new med) anyway she thought maybe the Zolof was making me gain weight. Haven't noticed any change yet.
    Does anyone have a bloated stomache? Mine looks like I am 8 months pregnant. and my whole body seems swollen. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice ?
  18. jstbrznby

    jstbrznby New Member

    Thanks for the input. I thought about the curves thing to, but was to broke to try it, by the sounds of it I thought it would be a healthy move and apparently I ws right. Sounds like you are making great progress, 8" is nothing to thumb your nose at! They say the weight is everything, I would be elated with 8". Thanks for sharing that, and let us know what your new meds are, I would like to hear what a doctor might prescribe as an alternative. Hang in there, come back, I am sue I will be here, Hugs..Pam
  19. debbym

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    Join the group. I take so much medicine for so many different ailments and most all say may cause weight gain. There is no may to it. I also get sick to my stomach alot and my solution is a piece of bread or cheese or something bland. The biggest problem is lack of exercise. I pay dearly when I do too much. I'm currently on diet ( forced on me by diabetes) so hopefully I can stick to it. I'm trying the coral calcium so if anyone has tried it let me know. See a dietician. She helped me find a diet I could live with.

    Good Luck

  20. dacer

    dacer New Member

    my doc neglected to tell me the side affect even AFTER i asked him if i would gain weight, he just talked over it wich later made me very angy at him, and i expressed this to him and he agreed he didnt tell me even when i asked him because he thought it would be good for me. i made it clear that in the future that i need to know casue no way am i going to feel even worse aobut myself than i need to. i am a bit aggressive i was in my former health, i strived for what i wanted and worked to get it and now i still need to strive for what i want although in a slower way. my cousins doc didnt tell ehr either, didnt seem to think it was important to know that you could gain a BUNCH of weight in a short time. keep tabs on your doc they mean well, but someone who means well doesnt always know whats best, its okay to question your doc or anyone for that matter. stay strong dacre and i am waiting for my cousins email for the med she was given and loves. dacer