What activities/situations guarantee a flare?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by HuggyMummy, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. HuggyMummy

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    for you? I guess some will be the same for evry body, whilst some may be individual to you. Just fascinated to know, because perhaps if we know what causes flares for ourselves/oethrs perhaps we can 'pace' ourselves better, when appropriate.

    For me:
    Any 'enduring' physical activity - walking, gardening, etc (more than about 30 mins - 1 hr depending on intensity)

    Any 'heavy' work - eg lifting more than a few bags of shopping

    House decorating - I think I react to h the paint, especially 'gloss', as well as to the effort involved

    Any long trips - whether as passenger or driver

    Holidays (vacations) - before, during, after - if I could I would just stay at home

    Ironing - any more than 'as needed now'! (Appaerently accoding to two books I've read, one on ME (CFS) and one on FMS - 'Standing for any time is always worse for us than moving. - Explains why I find ironing for an hour plus immpossible these days.)

    Washing-up - ditto above - unfortunately this HAS to be done - dishwasher not plumbed in yet!

    Gatherings of more than a few people - too noisy!

    Going to the cinema - too uncomfortable/noisy.

    Form-filling - too much concentrated mental effort.

    plus loads more

    which I will add later

    after some contributions from others.

    Thanks in advance everyone:)

  2. achy

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    Very simple....overdoing it. Very hard...learning what point to stop doing before overdoing!!

    Gardening usually does it. I think I'll just do this one more thing and bam...too much. I'll be down for the next 2-3 days. But, I love to garden, I have a veggie garden and a butterfly garden wiht a beautiful fountain. It's very relaxing and helps relieve the stress and we need the exercise.

    Another one is managageing to get the shopping done, but then getting stuck in a long, slow moving line!!! By the time i get home (1 hr drive to "the city") and I get the stuff in the house I am whooped..and I still have to put the stuff away. Down for anohter 2-3 days.

    That's my story and I',m stickin to it

    Warm fuzzies
  3. Dara

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    one of those very rare days when I really feel good. It's my nature to try and play catch up on all the things I can't do when I'm down with a flare. I love working outside with my flowers and even pulling weeds. How do we stop from doing the things we enjoy so much when we're finally having a good day? Pacing myself is of course the answer, but for me that's easier said than done. Also, I love spending time with my Granddaughters, ages 3 and 6, put the day afterwards I really pay for it. Then there are the times I come down with a really worse than normal flare and can think of no reason that brought it on. It's so hard to give up the simple pleasures that we have in life when we have so few good days.

  4. suz41

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    Hi Ruth:

    For me not getting the proper amount of sleep and quality sleep is the big NO NO. I usually Ache from head to toe. Stress doesn't help either so even though I'm working (High School) I really try to prepare for the day from foods, to breaks and taking my meds/ and supplements at work. If I don't pace myself I'm in trouble and I know it. However, even when I do all the "right" things like this week a flare sneaks in and I try to jump on top of it and really slow down in other ares such as housework, cooking.

  5. broken47

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    I agree with the vacation...I have to travel long distances a few times a year and the jet lag sends me into bad flare ups.

    Doing anything new that I am not physcially used to sends me into a pain cycle...and pain cycles bring depression, sadness and an inability to cope with life in general.
  6. libra55

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    I'm almost certainly sure of a flare when I'm under any sort of emotional stress. Yes, the physical overexertion does it too but even if I'm not overdoing it physically, if something upsetting happens I will flare.

    My young daughter (13) tried out for her school soccer team last week. She had trained all summer, running, swimming, biking. She is a good player and physically fit. The tryouts lasted a week, up at the crack of dawn and driving her to the field, then going back to get her later on. She did not make the team and was devastated. I could feel her pain. In addition there was some dirty back room type dealing going on, as several girls who were not very physically fit made this team. I am too ill to play the political games in this small (and small-minded) town. I cannot host cocktail parties and drink until all hours of the morning with these people, and it hurts me that my child (who obviously is too young to understand) loses out because of it.

    The day after the tryouts I was in so much pain you would think I personally had tried out for the team! I could not really get out of bed for 3 days, my iritis flared up and I had a horrible headache. We won't even mention the bowel thing. I am better now, but it was all emotional. I don't recall exerting myself physically at all.

    So that's one thing that set me off.

  7. fullarmor

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    the things that start a flare are:
    humid weather
    lack of sleep
    stress at work
    not eating right, eating lots of junk
    standing/walking for a long period of time
    lifting heavy things
    not taking time daily to do a little exercise, ie stretching or a short walk
    any stress to my body, like my period, or a cold, and my recent flare up that i'm still in started after my wisdom teeth were removed.

  8. Nannibel

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    I think I regret it most when I "push" to do something, all the time knowing I am not up to it........the worst is when I walk too fast and for too long a distance trying to keep up with others. I'm learning to purposely walk very slowly if I don't feel up to it.
  9. bitter-sweet

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    It's too long, but here's a few: humid weather, unstable/stormy weather, house cleaning, trips >75miles, sitting/standing/lying/etc. in one position too long, too little or not sound sleep (ongoing), sex, any enduring activity, pretty much any activity. It's pathetic, and I get angry.
  10. ranger

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    It seems like thinking about doing a particular activity could send me into a flare. But no. Seriously, the ones you mentioned are good. Other people adding guilt, or negative opinions can send me into Flaratonia (if it were a planet). I think I should start making note of when I am not in flare. Two days ago I felt almost "Normal" for a few hours in the afternoon. Mind you, I was medicated, so does that count? Good thread to post Ruth!
  11. soozbee

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    It starts when I am in a position for too long and my muscles are stiff. All I have to do is move quickly in another direction - even like turning my head. I will hear a crack (that doesn't hurt). Within minutes, I will have pain resonating down the muscle area that cracked.

    This particular pain can last a day or several days. I know that my back isn't 'out' because I used to go to the Chiro when it happened and everything was in place.
  12. loriRn

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    I also find that emotional stress will send me in a flare quicker than anything. When I get upset, I can literaly feel the adrenaline surge, and the pain starts. Also poor sleep will put me in a flare. I am very greedy about quality sleep because of it. I will take whatever med I need to sleep. When I'm sleeping good is when I feel my best. This was a good idea, its helpful to read what helps and affects others. Lori.
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