what are cfsers and fibro people feeding their children?

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    You probably won't hear this on the news but this is courtesy of health myths:

    "The National Center for Health Statistics has shown that "only nine percent of all American adults consume enough healthy foods to reach their minimum recommended daily intake of nutrients to assure proper health!" Verifying this claim, Johns Hopkins Medical School has repeatedly warned that "suboptimal nutrient intake is a widespread problem." The end result has been a plague of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

    Harvard University professor Walter Willett collected dietary data on more than 250,000 men and women for a period of 25 years. Summing up his research findings he said "what we know is that the major causes of diseases in our country -- cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes -- are not genetic factors, as so many people believe and use as an excuse, but diets and lifestyle factors. We have documented that unhealthy diet and lifestyle account for more than 80 percent of heart disease, 90 percent of type II diabetes, and more than 70 percent of stroke and colon cancer."

    If you're on this board, are you making sure your kids aren't eating the same things you were eating prior to getting sick?

    Aside from major genetic flaws, it's diet and your body's reaction to foods that is hereditary. Malnourishment is not passed on to your children through genes, only by habit.

    Grandparents spoiling their grandkids with sweets is not the cutsie thing it used to be . . .

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    How are you? Once again great post. Whenever I make sure I'm making healthy food I truly feel better.

    I started drinking vegetable juice and I was really feeling pretty great. I was making sure me and my daughter were eating well.

    I got lazy and here I am I feel very sluggish. I'm going to the supermarket tomorrow and I am going to stock up.

    Even with proper nutrition I think I definately need some supplements. I'm still trying to figure out what would be good for me.

    Remember I told you the Dr put me on Flomax. I haven't even started it. I never even spoke to the Dr, his assistant faxed me the results of the tests and told me to take Flomax and follow up in three months.

    My insurance kicked in on the first so I think I'm going to call the Dr and ask him to explain what the Flomax is suppossed to do for me. I think I'd be crazy not to.

    It's just so weird, Flomax is for men?

    Oh and also, I was worried because my eyes have really been bothering me, I tested negative for CMV. I had floaters every once in awhile and I know alot of viruses can attack the eye. So I was concerned.

    I had my eyes checked today and the opthamologist said my eyes are good he doesn't see any damage and I just needed a new prescription, so I was glad about that.

    Take care, Ritatheresa
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    In my sickest of sick days somehow I manage to still provide my 4 children healthy meals & snacks-not allways. I feel thats the best gift I can give to them is teaching them how to eat healthy. It is more work, but not too much if you use you're imagination! my oldest, 7 is now able to help & prepare some things herself. My 5 year old is picking up on this quickly! They still always ask for junk, but I compromise & say if you eat all your diner & even so still try to have fairly healthy deserts ei fruit & ice cream or whip cream, jello with fruit , milk shakes with fruit yogurt, you get the drift. I would feel terrible if any of my kids became ill because of my negligance! Laura
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    Sort of like the Slogan, Milk It Does A Body Good. (Which I don't agree with).

    But, when my daughter was a baby, I saw a bumper sticker. It said, "Good Nutrition in Childhood, The Gift That Lasts A Lifetime." It stuck with me ALL THESE YEARS. My kids have had excellent nutrition since birth. Both breast fed till 2 years. When we introduced baby food, just fruit and veggies. NEVER once did I buy the macaroni, or turkey dinner, or hot dogs thingies. We still marvel that at 2, my daughter would eat 4 or 5 grapefruit halves. He ALWAYS loved those nasty jarred peas and greenbeans. And at 23 and 18, they are still VERY healthy eaters. She eats mostly fish and salads, and he is VEGAN. Oh, she had a COMPLETE physical last year, her Cholesterol was 165, with VERY HIGH levels of the GOOD cholesterol. Her doctor commented she had NEVER seen Cholesterol that good. We always wonder what my sons' would be.

    About a year ago, at 17, my son commented to me, Ma I don't think you EVER once have taken us to McDonalds. I paused, and said, you're right, I don't think I have. It wasn't a conscious goal, we just don't eat that way. He HAD been a few times with friends or when the Sports bus would stop on the the way home from a match. But, our lazy, don't feel like looking, lets get take out is Chinese food.

    My husband has ALWAYS worked out. Both kids followed his example starting around 12 or 13 started with GYM memberships. Daughter works out and goes to spinning and son now has home gym where he and my husband work out everday.

    So yes, Karen, you are ABSOLUTELY right that what we feed our kids, (both physicially and spiritually) will influence them for life.

    (Another bumper sticker I saw and always remembered, "Children LEARN what they LIVE."
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    LittleBluestem - you're absolutely right, making healthy food is almost impossible if you have no energy and little money. That was the main reasons for our move to the DR, cheap food and hired help to prepare it. I was trying to eat veggies in GA but some things were outrageous. I remember orange peppers at Publix one time were like $4.99 or $5.99. And green peppers were 3 dollars. Those I had to wait for sales. We had a Harvey's supermarket too, but it stank and I couldn't stand it, it was always "sticky".

    Hi Rita, glad to see you're doing juice. I'm still eating veggies all day long and I'm even better now. I just keep improving. Of course, I still have to take tons of supps everyday, but if that's what it takes . . .
    I would certainly ask, and make him say it in layman's terms, what the Flomax is supposed to do. And for supps, start with good vitamins and minerals. Go to the health food store and ask for one with easily absorbable forms of vitamins and minerals. Don't bother with Centrum, it has magnesium oxide, not hardly usable, and magnesium is one of the most important supps we all need.

    I'm going to do a post soon on what vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed. Here's an exerpt from a site on osteoporosis:

    "It is not generally realised that almost all easily available calcium supplements are based on calcium carbonate - otherwise known as chalk - the cheapest and least absorbable form of calcium. It is the major ingredient in most indigestion remedies. However, because the calcium content is high (albeit badly absorbed) it allows manufacturers to claim to supply 100% of the recommended intake at minimal cost.

    Highly absorbable forms of calcium are always more expensive - but the requirement for them is consequently much lower. These include:

    Calcium lactate, gluconate and citrate.
    Calcified seaweed

    Taking excessive calcium without accompanying magnesium can lead to painful calcium deposits in the joints and muscles.

    b. Magnesium is just as difficult to absorb as calcium. Many supplements sold for bone protection contain none at all; and those that do almost invariably use cheap Magnesium oxide, the active ingredient in magnesia indigestion/constipation remedies. Magnesium oxide has laxative properties precisely because it is badly absorbed and, therefore, passes through the gut rapidly. Absorbable forms of Magnesium avoid this problem because the required dose is much lower, and less remains in the gut.

    These include: Magnesium citrate and gluconate. "

    I know that magnesium glycinate, taurate and malate are good forms, too.

    And way to go abcanada and Elliespad!! I don't have kids myself but I can see how American advertising makes responsible parents out to be the mean, bad guys by making kids eat healthy. That's a good way to explain to them how our economy works: that the big, bad food companies are willing to make us all sick just so they can make oodles and oodles of money. And that when a food company uses the word "healthy", its usually just a "legal" term they are allowed to get away with and has no meaning whatsoever.

    have a veggie day!