what are people doing to help get rid of mycoplasma????

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  1. krishna3

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    i have been diagnosed with mycoplasma, a nasty mutant bacteria....you might know it better associated with gulf war syndrome...they think it is responsible for that and many other neurological diseases .......and cfs!

    anyway everything im reading does not look good .....i was wondering if anyone has tried or know of anyone who has tried anything for this bug

    seems to be a real big stinker, apparently antibiotics are not touching it

    hate to tall you all it is very contagious!!!!
  2. maps

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    I was diagnosed with mycoplazma pnemonia (sp) about two years ago. My doc put me on vibramicine antibiotic and have been on it most of that time.

    Never noticed any difference so asked doc to treat me with Dr.Garth Nicholson's protocal(look him up on the web) I did the first six week cycle, did not feel so good. The second cycle is supposed to be a different antibiotic, I feel so frustrated as my dr said if it is working we should stay on it. It is hard arguing with a dr. So am on the same antibiotic again.

    Have been tested twice since original diagnosis both were inconclusive.

    I actually still have not been able to understand what the symptoms are, read many articles but CFS fog will not allow my brain to understand.

    Good luck
  3. leomonkey

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    Did your diagnosis result from testing sent to Hemex or elsewhere?

    My doctor prescribed plain ol' tetracycline to treat mycoplasmal bacteria... felt I would tolerate it better. I made sure I took a probiotic at the same time (I use Bio-K plus).

    Results were good but we are still not sure if my results are due to this or progressive improvements from strengthening my mitochondria with a "supplement cocktail".

    I was also reading information from Dr. Nicholson... I was left with the impression that some of these critters may not be eliminated... the cure may be in the future.
  4. ldbgcoleman

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    I have it too. I have been trated it with Doxy. I started at the end of June. I have been retested 2 times but it has not improved. My Dr is switching me to a different antibiotic but I am getting off Heperin which did completely clear up my hypercoagulation and Famvir which completely cleared up my EBV first. Mycoplasma is the one thing I have left to get under control. I am feeling alot better. I can't get in the sun at all with Doxy so watch out if you go this route! Lynn
  5. maps

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    The blood was taken at a clinic and sent to the Centre for Disease Control. I am still not sure the clinics handle the blood in the correct way.

  6. Midgie

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    Has anyone ever tried arinica gel for pain if so did it help?
  7. maps

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    Bumping for Mikie
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    I tested positive for mycoplasma. I've been taking Vibramycin, which is a brand of doxycycline for 5 months now. My doc expects that I will be on it for 2 years total.

    I'm also taking transfer factor against EBV & HHV-6; and I'm taking Heparin for hypercoagulation. Probably will be going off Heparin in 6 weeks or so. I've also done a ton of detoxing and take a gazillion supplements.

    I've regained 80% of my energy levels and 95% of my cognitive function. I no longer wake up feeling like I was run over by a truck! I am optimistic that by continuing the protocol against infectous agents that I will be 100%. But if this is as good as it gets - it's still great!

    Good luck with your treatment!
  9. Mikie

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    If you haven't already, go to Dr. Garth Nicolson's website, Immed. He lays out the protocol for treating mycoplasma infections. While Cipro is effective against the bacterium, it is not the first drug of choice if one of the less potent ones will do. I took Doxycycline according to his schedule and it took 2 1/2 years on the Doxy to get control over the infection. I took 100 mgs. twice a day.

    It is vital to take a good probiotic while on the ABX. Anyone over the age of 35 would benefit from probiotics. I had been taking them for years prior to the ABX treatment. I take the Jarro-Dophilus sold here. It is an excellent probiotic.

    I had been sick with this infection ten years before I found this treatment, so I was not surprised that it took so long to heal. BTW, I lived next door to a military facility when I got sick and I believe my CFIDS is really GWI.

    Good luck with your treatment.

    Love, Mikie
  10. connieaag

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    I don't know his web site, but my 13 year old daughter uses the AP protocol from roadback.org. it has a lot of good info. She takes 100mg of Minocyclene daily. Started at 50mg every other day, then 100mg, and now daily. It has worked well for her FM along with other meds. She didn't herx, but she had been on Bactrim for a long time to keep from getting sinus infections, so we think that is why. Check out the site. It also has a list of docs who follow it.