what are signs of gluten allergy?

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    I notice that after I eat things that contain wheat, I get a bit of a stomach ache and also get gassy. I was wondering what other symptoms there are that might be gluten allergies. Could this allergy contribute to fibromyalgia symptoms? One of the things that goes hand in hand with my fibro is IBS. I was thinking about trying a gluten free diet for a week or so to see if any of my symptoms improve. Has anybody else had relief after trying a gluten free diet?
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    I just started Gluten Free 3 weeks ago. Before that I tried to cut back on wheat. Now I am a strict Paleo eater. I allow myself one day if I want to eat bread or some if the other items that the paleo eating plan wants you to stay away from. I read the paleo diet book by Loren (forgot last name). I also bought the cookbook Everyday Paleo.

    So far I definitely feel the difference. No bloating, gass, and stomach distention at the end of day. I can sleep more comfortable with a lighter stomach.
    The everyday paleo book gives you a meal plan which I have been using. I like most of the recipes so far.

    The hardest part is going to a friends or families house. Thats where I will eat the desserts!

    Eating out is pretty easy. Tell the server not to bring the bread out. Order extra veggies and ask what is in the sauces. Always order oil and vinegar for salads and veggies.

    It had been a little hard giving up my favorite pastas and breads. And with paleo they would rather you not eat starchy veggies and no dairy. Which leaves you with all the green and more colorful veggies that are high on nutrients.

    Good luck! I am enjoying trying new ways to prepare food and of course feeling a lot less heavier and I have more energy.

    If I do cheat and eat the gluten them the gas, bloating and low energy all comes back. So I cheat less and less now.....
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    I would go ahead and do a basic gluten free diet for a few weeks to see how much it will help you. Many M.E., CFS, and FM patients who have IBS go on to do very well on the diet. Let us know how it worked out for you. Hugs, MicheleK
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    Gluten sensitivity can actually have worse symptoms than Coeliacs disease

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    i tried gluten free about 3 mos. ago for severe ibs. after going on a chat site where ppl with ibs were recommending it . and shouting its praises. the first time i tried gluten free, i was not successful, i missed all the real pizza and italian bread. but the second time around several months later, it worked for me.

    the doctor checked me for celiac disease when he did an endoscopy and i did not have it, but still the diet helps me so much, so i guess i do have the sensitivity. once in a while if i must cheat, nothing happens, i just get right on it again the next day.

    good luck with it, but you must give it at least 3 wks. to see results.

    love , joanierav
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    sorry i just realized that i didnt answer your question. my symtoms were severe cramps, diahrea, and typical ibs symtoms. and after long periods of that, i would go into severe constipation for a spell. then start the cycle all over again.