What are some safe pain meds for Guai users?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dee50, May 13, 2006.

  1. Dee50

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    I need a Rx pain med that I can use while on the Guai Protocol. Can you please tell me some sal-free ones that you have used while on the Guai Protocol. I'm going to take them to my doctors this next visit on Wensday. Tons of pain and super stiffness! This Guai is kicking my you know what!lol I'm glad its working so well but now its time to lower this constant high pain level.
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  3. Smiffy

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    I think you can use most medication except asprin & herbal remedies Dee. The (old book, sorry I'm not up to date) says; "Make sure none of your medications contain plant parts, plant extracts, or salicylates by name ' & this includes topical pain relieving gels. The ones it says to avoid are:

    Alka Saltzer
    Bayer Arthritis pain Formula
    Davorn compound
    Doan's pills
    Empirin compound
    Lortab ASA
    Soma Compound

    (I've posted the list 'cos I don't know what most of these are)

    You could post this question on your Guai Group message board.

    You do seem to be on too high a dose - the increase of symptoms is supposed to be bearable, but it's not always easy to get this right. Best wishes
  4. bigmh

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    Good morning, and Happy Mother's Day!

    Dee..I am taking Methdone, 10 mg twice a day. Also Baclofen (a muscle relaxant) 10 mg 2-3 times/day. I was taking these before Guai and am planning on stopping as soon as I can. But without these, I am unable to function.

    I can relate to the increased pain. Finally this week I have had a little respite, a few hours here and there without the intense pain in my shoulders, low back (really all of my back) and hips. My feet, too, hurt for the first few steps.

    I went to the doctor last week and told him of the joint pain I was having, everywhere from fingers to wrists to ankles, knees...and my RA tests came back negative. So maybe it is the guai? I had this pain before the guai, too, but it wasn't as bad. I'm now taking Celebrex, 200 mg twice a day for the joint pain, and it is better.

    Pain is my biggest symptom of cycling. It sounds like it might be yours, too. I hope that some of this helps you. I don't like being on pain meds, but it is a must at this point.

    Love and prayers to you, Ann
  5. Dee50

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    Thanks for the bump tonakay
    Thanks Smiffy for the list from the old book. I gave my book away again!lol But I'm getting a used one for $7.50 at the book store it's the new one. On the guai site they will not talk about other meds except Guai.
    Ann Thanks yes my pain is exactly as you are talking about! I'm sure it's the guai but man that a cycle! Broken back, hips and it's hit my knees and feet too and my left shoulder :( I'm so messed up nowdays that I can't even use my service dog mainly because of the pain in my left shoulder when she pulls on me I just start crying it is sooo painful. I know this will pass but Im going to talk with my doctor about the RA tests and using Methdone and something to up the Methdones power so I can use a low dose. I'll talk to him about the Celebrex too I've used it before. I'm looking up Baclofen. I pay cash and some of the stuff cost to much:)
    Happy Mother's Day to everyone.
  6. bigmh

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    Hi Dee...guess we are twins going through this cycling at the same time! FYI, Baclofen and Methadone are cheap. I pay cash on some meds, too, so I understand. Celebrex is more, but I can't remember the price.

    My feet hurt, too, just as you said. The bottom part of my heels (where you walk) have awakened me in the night, aching terribly. I have to walk on them to knock the pain down. I've read of similar incidents on the guaidoc website, so I guess it's part of the deal.

    Have a good day! Ann
  7. Mikie

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    Aspirin-Free Excedrin for headaches and Ibuprophen for other pain, especially inflammation. Before, when I had worse pain, I used Morphine.

    Love, Mikie
  8. jax182

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    to use ultram or ultracet. I am getting ready to start on Guaifinasin this week, i just have to prepare my self to deal with the pain that comes along with the flares and cycling. I take ultram and my doctor said it is fine to take...they follow Dr. St. Ahmad's guia protocol. Good luck with your treatment!
  9. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    I'll take this with me when I talk to my doctor :)

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