What are Symptoms of Diabetes

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    Hello, My name is Christopher and I suspect that I have diabetes. For starters, Diabetes runs in my family. The reason why I suspect that I have diabetes is because:

    1. I have a wound on my foot that has not completely healed.
    2. Diabetes does run in my family
    3. Everytime I fast for my annual physical and Blood Test, the results on the blood test are good with the exception of the Triglycerides being high.

    What are the symptoms?
    Why can't my doctor detect for diabetes if it is so?
    Should I see a Dermatologist since a Podiatrist failed, but did what he could?

    I do not know what to think other than my foot hurts like a firey rage. Please repsond.


  2. shishi

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    symptoms include severe thirst, having to urinate more frequently, increased appetite. fatigue, headache. dizziness, confusion, slurred speech, stomach pains, decreased sensation in feet, or burning feet. with your family history there is a good chance you could get it, especially if it was your mother. wounds that won't heal also, but this could be poor circulation also. you should be evaluated by a doctor & tell all family history