What are symptoms of mycoplasma infection??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by skychomper, May 12, 2003.

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    hi guys,

    At my last doctor visit, I requested I be tested for HHV6 and mycoplasma, since these seem to be present in alot of us and will respond to treatment. He said that I didn't have sypmtoms of a mycoplasma infection. What are the symptoms?
    Im not looking for bad news when I request tests, just want to turn over every piece of the puzzle, you know? sigh...

    wishing happiness,
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    Unfortunately, most docs are totally unaware of how stealth chronic infections work. You can become infected without even knowing it, but often, you come down with what feels like the flu. It may go away and you feel fine. Years later, you can develop FMS, CFIDS, or other illnesses when the pathogens have gone deep into the cells of the body below the radar of the immune system.

    You need to start printing out info on stealth Herpes-family viruses and mycoplasmas. There is plenty of info on both in our library here and you can find more on the web. Take the printouts, highlight them, and annotate in the margins for your doc. Keep copies for yourself. If your doc won't do anything, get another doctor.

    Unfortunately, it is often up to us to educate our docs because they are so busy and the info on stealth infections is still relatively new.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    Skychomper, your doc should have already also checked you for Lymes Disease which is another chronic infection.

    Madwolf, Suejay says even someone like me who hemmoraged after my surgery could still have hypercoagulation because all the clotting activity could have been going on in other areas of my body which allowed the bleeders to hemmorage. Geez, it ain't simple.

    Love, Mikie
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    my doc did test me for lyme, (-) and parvo is (+)
    I did have bad EBV four years ago and then a year later when I was doing okay, I got another horrendous flu thing (felt alot like mono, but not.) then like 9 months later I was DX with cfs. my titers to EBV are very low now which is good, but I haven't been doing my homework on HHV6. I'll start now!

    I try to assert myself in the office, and I end up feeling like Im being difficult or something. I say what my concerns are, and it gets dismissed in a few words. well if he doesn't respond to this, I think I will find someone else...before my cobra runs out. your right, it sure aint easy.