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    FOR ESPECIALLY THE LIVER, WHICH IS USUALLY WEAK IN CFS/FM AND IS A MAJOR DETOX ORGAN...(I had hepatitis as well as mononucleosis which were my trigger illnesses for this DD. I have heard that milk thistle is one herb good for that purpose. Does anyone have other ways to detox that you think are especially good? LOL, AMELIA
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    A great site for you to check-out is curezone. They have a lot of information on cleanses. For my liver/gallbladder I've done three flushes which produced hundreds of stones the first time with fewer the second and third times. I used Dr. Clark's recipe and on her page (at curezone) it explains why the liver is affected by gallstones. I have also done coffee enemas for my liver. You are correct about milk thistle and its liver cleansing properties; you might also look into n-acetyl-cysteine (NAC)and alpha lipoic acid (ALA). ALA is one powerful antioxidant and is used a lot for CFS as it helps increase energy, but without the buzz of a stimulant. I take all three of the above mentioned supplements as they are contained in the daily supplement I use (Master Formula by Primal Nutrition..they have a site found by typing in primal nutrition....this is NOT a multi-level marketing company and the product can only be ordered through them; take a look at the ingedients and the amounts of each; they will impress you.)

    Hope this helps,
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    I put a posting to Hi Nink, indicating that I got that book, right now..Are there any good detox measures which are not b**l s**t? oK, reread your post..Do you agree with all the suggestions in this chapter? Is MilK thistle sufficient, enough, for liver detox?

    I looks like we are going to get a lot of snow, here. Predicting between 1-3 feet (already have about 1 ft, now). We need it badly with the drought conditions we have had since last year.. Could not water plants last year, due to the severe restrictions..puts a cramper on your goals..the Hayman Fire came within 4-5 miles of our house and we evacuated for about 2 weeks..demonstrated the fragility of it all..

    Have you tried Olive Leaf Extract? I am getting more impressed everyday...It seems to be helping keep my sinuses more clear, have noticed energy levels are better and my neurological symptoms are improving..Seems to have a lot of positive, with no longterm damage...I am pumped!! Here's to good health :) AMELIA

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    Will check out your suggestions....AMELIA
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    give me the name of the olive leaf that you are having so much success with? How many do you take Amelia? is it spendy? what side effects from this brand and why is it different than the first stuff you used?
    tahnks sweetie,
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    This is only a Walmart brand which you can get anywhere..not expensive at all..but it is a smaller dosage than I began with, before, and I think that is better, so that you can start with that, record your herxs, and adjust the medication according to what you can tolerate..I am, progressively, building up..took about 4xl50 mg yesterday..will build up to about 5 today..take it about every 4-5 hours..instead of all at once..Also, this does not have any added ingredients, which I must have been allergic to in that first bottle..as, my herxs, this time are more "normal"-Fluish, burning sensations, lethargy and slight headache..which have greatly diminished since about 2 days ago.. With this bottle, have not had the "worst migraines of my life"..IN FACT, I haven't had any migraines since restarting this time...HOPE IT HELPS YOU AND LET ME KNOW HOW IT GOES :) AMELIA
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    I'm very interested in Olive Leaf Extract after reading several posts about it. May I ask how long you have been on it now that you are seeing some positive results?

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    I have only been on OLE for a short while, as the first bottle I took caused bad reactions with added ingredients..therefore, I tried a bottle with only the OLE, which caused much less severe reactions and more normal HERXs, initially... now, I don't herx so much..You should try it, as the safety level is good, and you will then know if it will help you...it is suppose to be quite effective against all kinds of pathogens...
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    I did a search on Dr. Stu Wheelwright, and located a protege of his named Jack Tips, whose book is suppose to be influenced by him and he wrote a book named Your LIver..YOur Lifeline.. Would that book tell me about the Different formulas for the liver? or do I need to find Dr. Wheelwright's work, himself, which I did not find...AMELIA
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    Have you ever used any of his products? Would like some more input..has the Kinesiology helped you a lot? and how would I know that the practioner is legitimate, as you said some could fake it? I, also, wanted to ask you if one can locate Ultraclear at a health food store? How have you been doing lately....one last question, hopefully, did you not think that OLE would be effective for you? :) AMELIA[This Message was Edited on 03/21/2003]
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    I really appreciate the help...how does your chiro. know which supplements are a positive for you? I probably need to do some reading on this subject to understand what you are communicating...and if she has some guidance to selection of Kinesiologist, would be greatly appreciated..
    Sorry, I did not respond to your message, earlier, as I was gone for weekend..

    I am having some good success with OLE, now, especially for the sinuses..when I go off of it, like this last weekend, my sinuses get blocked again and when I restarted it today, I was breathing a lot easier with clear sinuses..I think it has been very good for me..of course, I would like to have a miracle, here, but any positive gains are appreciated..

    My lack of finances are an issue, too, so I am trying to do most of the work, myself..,and basically, because don't have a doc who has much knowledge of DDs. If you could guide me to any possible resources, I will do my homework...Do you think this is superior to any naturopath's treatment? Thanks for your concern and guidance~~~~~ Have you ever tried Maca Root for CFS/Perimenopause-Postmenopause?~~~~~~~AMELIA
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    I will hunt that "puppy" down at my library....
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    I like people who are honest skeptics...I seemed to be the only one at my worksite, that questioned our field, to promote changes..although, I just ended up getting sick!

    Have you tried anything that successfully helped the adrenal insufficiency? like pregnenolone and/or DHEA? or Have you found any substance to be of any help in any way?
    Oh, that sounds desperate, doesn't it?! I need to get back to being employed for a living!!!

    Anyways, thanks for your wise counsel~~~AMELIA
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    I have been taking a perimenopausal break...are you here? I could give you my e-mail address, now....AMELIA
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    Hey plantscaper....I also had mono about 4 years ago. I never knew it could contribute to fibro! I've done tons of research and never came across that. Thanks for informing me. I had an awful case of mono and was in the hospital with IVs, etc for about 4 days. They had to cauderize and shrink my tonsils (real pleasant..) It was about a year after that (about 3 yrs ago) that I was diagnosed with fibro. I always thought that my fibro was caused by 2 bad car wrecks I was in, but maybe the mono did contribute as well, especially since I had it so badly. Might should be something to let the doctor know (if I ever find one..)
    Thanks again!
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    The first disease I developed, I believe, is CFS and Cheney has indicated, as well as, other researchers that mono and other type diseases are probably the main triggers for CFS.. now, I know that wrecks are sometimes triggers for Fibro...but these diseases are so intertwined, it is difficult, at times, to decipher what is the causation....