what are the effects of exercise?

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    This may seem like a crazy question but Can anyone exercise without crashing? I started to feel better and started exercising again....everything went well for a month then wham I am crashed and its been two weeks.

    Do any of you experience bouts of exercise tolerance? Does it make sence that I was able to exercise for one whole month before I crashed?

    Thanks for any info.

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    Exercise intolerance and post exertional malaise lasting more than 24 hours is the hallmark symptom of CFS. So everything you've been experiencing is just part of the weird world of living with CFS.

    There is a lot of info out there concerning pacing and living within your energy envelope in order to end the push/crash cycle. It sounds like you are not severely ill (yet) but I would encourage you to begin these practices now so that you don't push yourself beyond your limits. I don't want to sound all doom and gloom but it is possible that if you continue you could end up much more ill than you are now.

    I wish someone had explained this to me 2 years ago because I truly believe that I would not have continued to go downhill. I was very active just like you , except for the running thing, you don't want to end up at the point where you have to consider everyday tasks such as showering and getting dressed as aerobic exercise.

    You might want to print off some of Bruce Campbell's info especially the "pacing" section. He has some great ideas about managing energy levels: http://www.recoveryfromcfs.org/

    Good luck and you have beautiful shepherds.

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    Thank you so much!!! I am going to print it out and really try hard to find the happy medium I'm missing.

    I wish there was someone in my area to help me with this.

    What a great concept! I thought I understood that CFS is MANAGABLE but, I can't seem to get a grip yet so, this may be the key to helping me.


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    I just started walking about 5 mins a day on my break at work. It's not been too bad. My doctor encourages it. He wants me to build it up a minute a week. I hope I can do this.

    much love your friend,
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    I would say be very careful with how much activity you are doing. I haven't really exercised since having CFS. There were days when I did very slow 5 minute walks on the treadmill and I tried gentle yoga for a month (I had to stop as I think I was doing it wrong and it was hurting my back).

    Anyways, although I wasn't exercising I was still doing a lot of activity. I was doing a lot of running around as I spent years taking care of someone else instead of myself. I was very busy a lot and there were days where I would seem to tolerate it well and days where I would crash.

    I think that is just the way of the illness. Sometimes you seem to handle activity ok and other times it is bad.

    We just moved over 4 months ago so now I am not doing all of that running around. I am actually resting every day. I have been feeling MUCH worse these last four months than I have in years.

    I wonder if it is all of those years of running around finally catching up to me. Maybe I am finally crashing hard after all those years of over doing it.

    So my advice is to be VERY careful. You don't want to end up worse than you are which is were I seem to be now.

    Take Care,
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    when I had FMS. I got back to where I had built up to riding my bike 5-10 miles 3x per week. I loved the freedom, and it made me feel so much better! Then, CFS also reared it's ugly head, about 4 yrs after FMS, and now exercise is much harder.

    Over Christmas, for example, we went to the mountains and I was snow shoeing on the Nordic trails, about 45 mins a pop. It was wonderful to be in the peaceful woods, hiking in the snow. I had just gotten over a nasty bout of EBV, and I reactivated again b/c of it! Nasty swollen spleen, swollen glands, migraines, low grade temps- the whole nine yards.

    So, push/crash seems to be all I know. I was very active previously, and I sort of refuse to just sit on the sidelines of life b/c I might get sicker. I just deal with the sickness when it comes, and enjoy the other moments for what they are.

    When I get past this, I will try Pilates, and hopefully get back to my beloved bike. Until then *sigh*, I will just remain in the house, ill.
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    If I start to do any kind of exercise that increases my heartrate I get dizzy, my heart pounds & I have to sit down before I pass out :(