what are the FFCs?

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    I am new here and I keep hearing about these FFCs. They sound great, but very expensive. Can anyone tell me about how they treat fibro/cfs. thanks
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    Another good place to look for information is in the library tab at the top and do a search for the founder Holtorf in the fibr/cfs categories, and you can find interviews with him and articles that he has done.

    I am having my third visit to the one in LA this week. They start by spending at least a full hour learning about you, your conditions and what things are bothering you the most. Like for me, not sleeping and having no energy or motivation were, and the brain fog.

    He then wanted to put me on Cymbalta for better energy and motivation and on sleeping meds. He said that these pills will just be temporary until when you are feeling better. They also took about 16 vials of blood. Next meeting, he explained their results, that - high Candida overgrowth, EBV and 2 other viral infections, low white blood cell level. Also low NK cells. and Hyper coagulation. So from that testing, he started me on Valtrx (antiviral about 60 dys) and Diflucan (about 30 days) (anti fungal-temporary, like 30 dys) and maike mushroom - which I got else where.

    He wants me on a lot of hormones my are out of balance, i have not started them yet, other than the thyroid one.

    3rd visit - he is starting me on heparin starting at 25 cc x 2 first couple of days. Then I increase to 50cc 2/day for 6 weeks

    So most of these things are done for short periods to allow you body to get back into a place to be able to hold its own against the beasties.

    I was wary going in for the first time. But I had heard how friendly the staff is. Well, in LA the staff is not warm and fuzzy to say the least. But Dr. Wightman was very kind, listened intently to my comments. He takes time to answer questions and I like him.