What are the hard lumps in my muscles?

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    Hi ther I get the same problems I get lumps over my chest they r painful and tender but it goes away then it flairs up again ..duz anybody have problems with sleeping and the felon as tho u r taken seizures in your sleep I fuel like am wear of it hapin but jan not awake. Thank u all
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    PS sorry for the spelling I kp pressing the wrong buttons
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    Hello to all,

    The lumps you feel are due to a lack of Vitamin E in your muscles. Vitamin E is a muscle fiber lubricant. Where to buy it: The best source I have found is a water soluble version sold by Merck that has a nutty flavor. Whatever you do only purchase water soluble versions of Vitamin E, it called Succinate.

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    Definitely have a look at Chronic Myofascial Pain and trigger points...there is an excellent book by Devin Starlanyl...in regards to release and how you might have a trigger point in one place that is causing pain and spasm elsewhere -all very interesting.