What are these terms? Why do they affect us?

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    ....meningitis,lyme, rocky mountain fever, kissing disease, neurotransmitter functioning, heart problems, cancer, arthritis?
    ...lost my mind, mono was the word, typical fog?
    ...care givers?

    maybe I don't understand the things that are being said here but I would more then like to, can people help me to, please.
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    Meningitis can be a viral or bacterial infection of the meninga. It produces a headache from hell and a stiff neck along with other symptoms of infection. It can also produce a rash. It is critical for children to get immediate treatment for bacterial meningitis or they may have to have limbs amputated. Any child running a temperature and having a rash should be taken to the ER and segregated from others in the waiting room. Bacterial memingitis is the more serious form, but antibiotics can be used to treat it. There is a vaccine for this now. It is very common for college students living in close proximity to come down with a cluster outbreak. Viral meningitis usually just has to run it's course. There are now anti-viral meds, so perhaps there is some ability to treat it now. There was not when I had it in the 70's. I thought I was going to die for sure.

    Lymes Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are both illnesses carried by ticks. I believe in a genetically predisposed person, these infections can trigger CFIDS and possibly FMS. I don't know about RMSF, but Lymes Disease can become chronic and make one sick for years.

    Kissing Disease is just another name for mono which is in the Herpes family of illnesses. It is sometimes called, Epstein Barre Virus (sp?). It often triggers our illnesses. Herpes viruses can go dormant in the body, only to reactivate. This is why people get cold sores when they get run down. Cold sores are also in the Herpes family but are a different strain.

    Neurotransmitter function refers to the brain's ability to communicate. Neurons transmit information among themselves in the brain for everything which goes on in the body.

    We are prone to some heart problems, like mitral valve prolapse; some cancers, like non-Hodgkins lymphoma; and both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis; plus possibly other autoimmune illnesses like MS and Lupus.

    I alread addressed mono above under "kissing disease."

    A caregiver is a family member, volunteer, or paid person who helps the patient with activities of daily living and/or medical care.

    IMHO is just computer shorthand for "in my humble opinion."

    Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie