What are your herxing symptoms from TF?

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by Plantscaper, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    To all who are on TF...and Spacee,

    My worse symptoms this past weekend involved feeling like I had been "punched in the left chest area" and the wind knocked out of me.

    It caused an overall feeling of chest ache/pressure, sensory overload, weakness, poor breathing, rapid heartbeat, and resultant insomnia and poor brain functioning..talked to CelticLadee and she indicated she had had similar symptoms..

    I am staying off TF for a few days to regain better functioning..

    Please share your herxing symptoms,

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  2. dancingnut

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    Ive been trying the TF Essentials for two weeks now, only 1 every four days, then tried 1 third day last week. My symptoms are weakness, more tiredness, achy wierd tight muscle stuff, mild, but wierd, some heart racing stuff here and there, and itching. Funny, once the itching starts, then my energy comes back. This is a long haul. I was hoping my body would adapt quicker, I must say Ive never had such a strong response from a supplement (except Caprylic Acid when I first tackled the yeast issue 6 years ago).
  3. CelticLadee

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    As you have shared Plantscaper...

    The left chest area is problematic for me as well.
    Almost constant ache and/or pain & at times pressure, breathing problems & palpitations.

    More fatigue, migrating body aches/pain, fevers & itchiness occasionally too.

    Brain problems at times including right face temple pressure.

    I have noted that when the chest pressure is at it's worst also my temperature is at it's highest. 100-100.8

    I do well on one capsule daily but have the troubles listed above after a few days on two capsules. I keep going back to one cap when I feel too bad.

    My left chest area & right face temple area have been an almost constant source of trouble since I first got sick. It is my believe that these areas are the most heavily infected therefore have the most reaction to TF. The same thing occurred when I took OLE but more mildly than TF.

    Although I am having herxing I am also having a greater sense of wellness. I am able to rebound easier and faster from any stresses that would cause my symptoms to result.

    I find I catch colds/flus very easily now whereas I did not before starting TF's.

    Hang in there ... when we kill off enough of these bugs we are bound to get better. It just takes time and drinking a lot of water to flush them out hopefully.